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‘Finish Him’: Keyshia Cole’s Sister Neffe Fires Off on O.T. Genasis for Refusing to Stop Trolling Her

The feud between singer Keyshia Cole and rapper O.T. Genasis is never-ending.

The “Cut It” rapper’s Crip-themed rendition of Cole’s 2005 hit single “Love” has led to an all-out war between the two. The R&B crooner felt Genasis could’ve contacted her before remixing her song, but the rap star apparently didn’t take his track that seriously.

Keyshia Cole
O.T. Genasis (L), Neffeteria Pugh (center) and Keyshia Cole @otgenasis, @therealneffeteria and @keyshiacole/Instagram

Genasis took their beef to a new level after he went on Instagram live on Sunday, April 12 and made some offensive comments about Cole’s personal hygiene.

“She ain’t s–t. Keyshia Cole ain’t s–t, I am,” the rap star said. “I’m the s–t. Keyshia Cole ain’t. Coochie smelling like fish sticks. That’s what’s going on. Coochie smelling like fish sticks. Keyshia Cole p–sy smelling like fish sticks. Nah, I’m not gon’ talk about her.”

Cole caught wind of Genasis’ comments and hurled a few insults back his way. She took to Twitter on April 12, cosigned a tweet and wrote, “Hope this font go over some of u lame ass turtle head looking ass niggas heads! And h-e ass b–ch niggas ain’t exempt.”

Keyshia Cole

She also posted a picture of a turtle, poking fun at Genasis and tweeted, “I’m so …. don’t kno how to feel. This tortoise face ass …. I can’t.” She also accused the “Everybody Mad” artist of acting like a “7 year old” and said she’d “never met” him a day in her life.

Well Cole’s big sister, Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh, also inserted herself into their ongoing feud and she went off on Genasis, calling him “disrespectful.”

“I will never respect a Greasy disrespectful shadow of a man coming for a woman who has said nothing about you!” Pugh wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. “Men with Mommy issues trying to tear women down I know you got bullied in school and was always denied by the pretty girls clearly!”

She also threw a jab at his girlfriend Malika Haqq, before telling him to take care of their newborn son.

Keyshia Cole

Pugh’s message to Genasis generated several reactions from social media users.

“Damn… she basically decapitated him.. especially with that hashtag 😩😂”

“Go neffe Go 😹 I’m so proud lol finish him. OT is lame and he’s and he’s a flop. Keyshia is a queen with hits honey”

“Y’all know neffe doesn’t play when it come to keyshia. ‘Continue to chase after women who are still trying to keep up with the Kardashians’ REEEEEEAD NEFFETERIA, READDDDD”

In a post and delete, Genasis later apologized to Cole for his remarks and suggested he was playing.

Keyshia Cole

However, Pugh and Genasis continued sparring online on Tuesday, April 14. The second-time father not only re-posted an interview of Pugh talking about oral sex, he also poked fun at her mother’s long battle with drug addiction.

Keyshia Cole
Frankie Lons @otgenasis/Instagram

Pugh shot back at Genasis by seemingly referring to his autistic son as damaged sperm.


Cole stayed out of the drama for the most part. She did, however, retweet a fan that said Genasis apologized. She noted: “He apologized with a threat. But all good. I’m glad it over (Hopefully).”

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