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‘My Heart Is Broken’: Niko Khale Confirms He and Keyshia Cole Are Over

It seems the breakup rumors surrounding Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale were true.

Khale, 24, recently confirmed to one of his Instagram followers that he and Cole did split, responding after the person confronted him about his feelings for the songstress.

Like the “Let It Go” singer, Khale has been posting photos of himself living his best life. On Thursday, Oct. 1, he shared a picture of himself holding a liquor bottle while on a boat. Just days away from his 25th birthday, the father of one wrote, “It’s Libra SZN 😈 Where gang at? How we finna act? #Countdown 10/17 🕊.”

Niko Khale
Niko Khale. @nikokhale/Instagram

“You and keisha both tryna pretend that y’all don’t still love each other,” the IG user said, before urging Khale to win his ex back.

“Fix it! S–t happens, we ain’t perfect, we gone fuck up. I’m just tired of seeing these microwave relationships end. #blacklovewins #fixitNiko♥️ #gotluv4uboth.”

Khale responded, “My heart is broken. My mind is open. My times approachin. 🤞🏾🕊.”

Niko Khale

Cole, 38, and the songwriter apparently called it quits in July and unfollowed each other on social media. It’s unclear to what led to their breakup, but Cole suggested in a September tweet that her past lovers’ actions led to her splits from them.

“See that’s where y’all got me f–ked up at,” Cole tweeted on Sept. 8, after a fan accused her of not knowing “how to keep” a man. “A Nigga don’t kno how to KEEP me … RESPECTFULLY sus.”

The R&B crooner and Khale made their relationship public in early 2018 a few months after she filed for divorce from ex-husband Daniel Gibson. Although Khale and Cole are no longer together, they currently co-parent their 1-year-old son Tobias Khale.

However, fans still have hope the pair will reconcile. One person commented on Khale’s recent post, “Listen, I know it hurts Niko. we are all imperfect people seeking perfection When perfection don’t exist. Meet people where they are. Take the limitations and expectations off of people and fly baby! I’m rooting for y’all 🙏🏽.”

A second fan added, “Y’all need to situate your situation ❤️ don’t give up on y’all….we the timeline ain’t with this breakup.”

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