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‘Ohhhhhhhhh 2 Close’: Rasheeda Frost’s Fans Cringe After Husband Kirk Jokingly Threatens to Throw Her In Pool, Nearly Falls In

It’s been 20 years since “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Kirk and Rasheeda Frost said “I Do.”

The couple has had ups and downs on the show from, infidelity, outside babies, and endless marriage woes. But despite their issues, the two still find the joy in their marriage.

On Friday, July 24, Frost recorded himself speaking to his wife near a pool, curious about her hair color. Rasheeda smiles, and Frost proceeds to tell her that he’s going to push her in the pool.

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Rasheeda Frost’s husband Kirk says he’s going to push her in the pool.

“You better not,” Rasheeda said to her husband.

Frost then asks Rasheeda again, “What’s the hair color?”

“It’s ocean blue, but I’m hiding,” the mother of two responded while running from her husband.

“He really would throw me in if I didn’t have on this wig and my purse🤣🤣🤣 Anywho,” Rasheeda captioned the over-400,000-views video.

The fashionista looked as she was going to fall into the pool, but it looks as though she escaped.

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda and Kirk Frost. @rasheeda/Instagram

Fans laughed at the couple’s encounter and noticed Rasheeda’s bomb blue shell hairstyle.

“We know he would have, we can tell by the look on your face🤣🤣🤣.”

“I thought u was going 2 falls, in like oooooohhhh 2 close lol had me cringing, that pool looks so good.”

“😂😂😂😂😂 y’all are silly! I would have died if he threw you in 😂.”

“😩😂😂 That hair color is so pretty! 😍😍.”

“Girl, you can rock any color, any style, and still look stunning!smh, it’s not fair!!”

“I love the energy you guys have definitely a whole vibe 🖤 , and that color is🔥 sis🤤.”

Rasheeda running away from Frost as he communicated he wanted to throw her in the pool makes sense, because the hair connoisseur keeps her hair laid in every post on Instagram.

Fans see Rasheeda rocking blond, neon yellow, green, bright pink, and sometimes her natural hair, as she poses for the ’Gram in her latest fashions.

Rasheeda Frost debuts her hair care routine. @rasheeda/Instagram

Under the lace fronts that change seemingly weekly, Rasheeda likes to attend to her hair to keep it healthy and strong before her new ’do.

On April 20, Rasheeda revealed that she likes to deep condition her hair and do scalp massages. She expressed the importance of keeping your hair healthy by deep moisturizing and cleansing, especially while many people are quarantining across the nation due to the ongoing pandemic.

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