‘U Don’t Owe Her Nothing!’: LHHATL Fans Side With Rasheeda Frost After She Hashes Out Differences with Kirk’s Ex-Mistress

It seems “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” fans are team Rasheeda Frost when it comes to her visible drama with cast mate Jasmine Washington.

The “Boss Chick” has been making an attempt to accept her husband Kirk Frost‘s 2-year-old love child with Washington in her life, but it seems the 28-year-old former mistress is apparently making it hard for her to do so.

During last week’s episode, Rasheeda busted her husband texting Washington behind her back, but the communication apparently was in regards to their son. The Pressed fashionista took matters into her own hands and decided to meet with the former stripper and discuss their differences.

The first issue Rasheeda took up with Washington was her March Instagram post where she slammed the couple for criticizing her parenting skills. She accused them of only using her and Kirk’s toddler for their storyline on “LHHATL.”

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost (right) meets with Jasmine Washington (left) to talk about Kirk’s love child. (Photos: @vh1 screen grabs)

“I had saw the post that you did on social media, so I said maybe we should have a conversation to calm those type of antics down,” Rasheeda said to Washington.

The 28-year-old then responded, telling Rasheeda that she felt offended by her remarks about her and Kirk’s son “still being in pull-ups at 2” and assumed she was trying to take a jab at her mothering skills. She then added that “all she wanted was to have open communication” with Rasheeda, who clearly wasn’t feeling Washington’s vibe.

The “Boss Chick” indicated to her husband’s former mistress that she was seemingly only willing to communicate for the sake of her stepson. She also blamed her husband for his “accountability” being “all over the place,” saying Kirk should of told her that he was back in communication with Washington.

“Based on how this s–t went down I was the one who said there’s need to be zero communication between Kirk and Jasmine,” Rasheeda admitted in her confessional. “But with a child involved it’s damn near impossible to co-parent without some form of communication.”

“LHHATL” viewers apparently agreed with the television veteran and applauded Rasheeda for seemingly stepping up to the plate.

“Rasheeda u don’t owe her nothing! She decided to lay down with yo husband n get pregnant! But at the end of the day u the better n mature woman for communicating with her 💯.”

“Girrrrrllllllllllllll 🙄 all you ever wanted was that child support check sis, gtfo. I applaud Rasheeda for talking with Kirk’s side chick cuz I could never!”

“Jasmine leave Rasheeda tf alone, homewrecker.🤡🖕🏽 u want attention sooo bad u trying to stirr more shit up if i was rasheeeda i would hv smacked you so far away you wouldnt remember who my husband was 😂. Good for Sheeda doin wuts right for the baby.”

“Jasmine shouldn’t be wanting to talk to the wifey. You knew what you were doing and you created a child. ✌🏽 I don’t get why you stay pushing she don’t owe you nothin sis 😂.”

Currently, it seems Rasheeda and Kirk are still on good terms. Washington has yet to make another IG post slamming them.

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