5 Times ‘Black Ink Crew’ Members Got Caught With Their Pants Down

When it comes to “Black Ink Crew” and “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” stars, relationship drama is a staple. Over the season, viewers have witnessed fights and breakups of countless couples. While some of the crew members managed to stay faithful, others got busted with her their breeches below their knees.

Here are five “Black Ink Crew” stars who got caught cheating.

Black Ink Crew
(From left) Ryan Henry, Donna Lombardi, Don Brumfield and Ceaser Emanuel. (VH1 screen grabs)

Don Brumfield Has Affair on Snapchat

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Don Brumfield cheated on his current wife Ashley Pickens multiple times, but his latest scandal involved him and another woman on Snapchat.

Brumfield was caught on social media receiving fellatio on camera and was instantly confronted by his wife Pickens, who moved to Texas with their then infant son afterward. The pair, however, reconciled months later and seem to be back on good terms.

Ceaser Emanuel Cheats on Ex-Fiancée Dutchess Lattimore

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel and his ex-fiancée Dutchess Lattimore officially called it quits in October 2016 after several relationship woes.

The most explosive scene between the two came when Lattimore kicked Emanuel out of her home when she found out he was creeping on her. She put all of his belongings on the street, including several pairs of sneakers and clothes.

The pair eventually got back together, but broke up after several relationship nuances. Lattimore claimed Emanuel chose reality TV over their union, while he accused her of putting on a front for the cameras.

Ryan Henry Has Affair with Former Employee “Kat”

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry and his high school sweetheart Rachel Leigh called it quits during the hiatus of season 4 due to his infidelity.

Henry slept with his former employee Katrina “Kat” Jackson during season 2 while at a cabin party with the crew. Leigh eventually found out about her boyfriend’s infidelity and decided to make their relationship work.

After attempting to reconcile, Leigh couldn’t get over Henry’s affair with Jackson. The pair decided to officially go their separate ways and co-parent their two sons.

Donna Lombardi Caught Cheating In Bathroom Stall

Like Brumfield, “Black Ink Crew” member Donna Lombardi was busted cheating on her ex-boyfriend Moe with her now man Alex “Vagina Slayer” Robinson.

In February 2018, a video circulated of Lombardi getting busy with her then co-worker Robinson, while inside of a public bathroom stall. Her ex Moe bore witness to the online clip and took the affair pretty hard.

Lombardi and Moe immediately split after the scandal and that’s when the tattoo artist and Robinson began dating. The pair have been together ever since.

Phor Brumfield Cheats on Nikki Nicole with Reverse ‘Peen’ Pics

During season 4 of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” Phor Brumfield was busted for having an affair on his ex-girlfriend Nikki Nicole. A video surfaced of Phor sending back end photos of his genitals to another woman. Nicole confronted him about the images and called it quits with the tattoo artist shortly afterwards.

The pair reconnected with each other in the latest season since their breakup, but ultimately decided to stay friends.

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