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Fans Blast ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Ashley Brumfield for Reuniting with Her Husband After Cheating Scandal

Reality stars Don Brumfield and his wife Ashley of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” were spotted together a few days ago and fans weren’t too thrilled to see them together.

“9 MAG” tattoo artist Ryan Henry was out for a night on the town with the married couple at a nightclub and the pair looked quite cozy together. The two were stepping to Mary J Blige’s song “Be Happy” and singing to one another. Don was also kissing Ashley on the cheek and it appeared that she’d forgiving her husband again for his infidelity.

Social media users instantly expressed their disapproval of Ashley reconnecting with her husband and even said they’re “not surprised.”

An Instagram user wrote, “I understand she want her family but when she gone be an example and stop letting him walk all over her… I’m just not here for that. Do better sis.”

Another person said, “I’m not shocked I knew she was gonna go back to him πŸ™„it was all for TV.”

One fan added, “Her a** not goin anywhere. That’s y he does the things he do cause he knows he can continuously f**k other women, have babies and her dumb a** is goin to b right there.”

Another person commented, “I know I dont judge people for what they do…but Ashley….girl….why? πŸ˜žπŸ˜’.”

The reality star’s husband was caught having an affair with a woman named Ta’shay on Snapchat and she claimed to be pregnant with his child. Ashley confronted her husband and decided it was best for them, her and Ashton, to move to Texas with her brother.

Don has cheated multiple times on his wife including with co-worker Charmaine Walker, a Dominican stripper, the day before their wedding. Now his mistress Ta’shay claims Don is the father of her unborn child.

Fans were really rooting for Ashley when she separated from Don and moved out of their home.

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