Ryan Henry and Rachel Leigh Break It Off, and ‘Black Ink’ Fans Say Good Move

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” couple Ryan Henry and his longtime girlfriend Rachel Leigh decided to call their relationship quits, and fans don’t seem too sad about it.

Henry and Leigh were off-and-on for years during their relationship and first began dating in high school. The ex-lovers ended season 4 of the VH1 series on a high note together, but Henry revealed last episode that he and Leigh broke up after she learned he cheated on her with his employee Kat Jackson during season 2.

Henry seemingly tried to keep the affair a secret from Leigh, but Jackson ended up telling the 9 MAG crew and Leigh about the incident.

Ryan Henry

photo courtesy @VH1

Henry and Leigh appeared to have worked through their relationship woes last season, but Henry said Leigh couldn’t get over his affair with Jackson.

“Rachel and I have been together on-and-off since high school. I tried what I thought was my hardest to make it work,” Henry said during his season 5 confessional, last episode. “But when you’re putting toxic s–t into your relationship all you really doing is making each other suffer more.”

Henry told viewers he and Leigh were better off as friends. He also referenced his fling with Jackson.

“What happened between me and Kat, that was a mistake. But if Rachel don’t wanna forgive me, she not gon’ forgive me.

“Black Ink” fans said they were personally happy Henry and Leigh broke up due to the way she treated the 9 MAG owner.

“Wow….didn’t like her anyway, she wasn’t good for you… She was always rude and nonchalant to you @ryanhenry.”

“Move On Ryan Try Something New🤷🏽‍ !!!!! She’s so fake and always have this sour attitude.”

“Please don’t get back with her she’s not in love with you any more she’s just raising the kids with him now thats all just. He deserves better.”

One fan rooted for Henry and Leigh to get back together.

“I really hope they get back together 😍 …I know the trust was broken but hey our kids lie to us all the time and we forgive them why can’t you forgive in a relationship? As long as it NEVER happens again! Ryan seems like he learned his lesson.”


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