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Twitter Roasts ‘Black Ink Crew’ Phor After Girlfriend Nikki Nicole Catches Him Sending Nude Video

Phor Brumfield was confronted by his girlfriend Nikki Nicole during Wednesday night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” for sending a nude video of his rear-end.

Nicole accused Brumfield of cheating on her with another woman after seeing footage of her boyfriend’s intimate parts on the web. In the video, the Chicago rapper pans the camera to his front side where he’s revealing his genitals and then motions it towards his other sets of cheeks.

Nicole said in her confessional, “Do you see this? I don’t know who’s the woman that he sent it to. … A little birdie through the grapevine sent the video to me and [that’s] how he got caught.”

Brumfield justified his nude recording to Nicole by saying he was “just trying to have a threesome.”

Nevertheless, “Black Ink” viewers chimed in on the episode via social media and dragged Brumfield for sending a nude video with his “rump-shaker” exposed.

“Letting people into your sexual relationship ain’t for everybody. Clearly, ain’t for them either 💀 Lmao she needa be asking who is he?” said one Twitter user.

Another wrote, “Ohhh he a freak freak Phor sending ass pics to London on the track.”

“Do you agree it look like he sent this to a nigga..cuz um he put that camera all up his ass 😂.’

“I’m screaming at phor making a video and showing his whole ass😭😭 like did he want his ass ate?😭 #BlackInkCHI.”

“It’s men who like their salad tossed by women 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😂.”

“I’m freaky but I don’t a nigga to show me his anus via snap lol”

One Twitter user added, “Hell the way Phor been all up Ryan ass lately, he probably sent that ass video to him for all we know #BlackInkCHI.”

Phor’s and Nicole’s relationship status is still pending, but it’s no word on whether or not they broke up.

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