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‘They’re Toxic Together’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Are Split About Phor and Nikki Reconnecting

Former “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” couple Phor Brumfield and Nikki Nicole came face to face for the first time since breaking up last year.

Last October, fans were devastated to learn Brumfield and Nicole officially called it quits after she caught the Chicago rapper cheating on her birthday. Brumfield was busted sending reverse peen pictures to other women. After season 4, the pair were no longer spotted together and the tattoo artist confirmed via Instagram he and Nicole broke up for good.

Fast-forward to season 5, and viewers were shocked even to see Nicole make a special appearance on the series. The hairstylist, who’s rumored to be dating 50 Cent, linked up with “Black Ink Chicago” co-star Jenn in Myrtle Beach, to discuss Brumfield’s battle with depression shown this season. The entire 9MAG crew headed to South Carolina for Charmaine Walker‘s surprise proposal.

Phor Brumfield
Nikki Nicole and Phor Brumfield. (Photo: @vh1 screenshots)

Nevertheless, Nicole claimed she reached out to her ex-boyfriend to check on his well-being, but he apparently ignored her. When she showed up to the house where the crew was staying, Brumfield wasn’t happy to see her one bit. They eventually isolated themselves from the rest of the crowd and Brumfield told Nicole how much he missed her.

“When I lost you, that was my last straw,” he said before addressing the lack of support he received from her during the peak of his battle with depression. “It f–ed me up that I didn’t have you in my corner G. It hurt me.”

He also didn’t like the fact that she reached out to him via social media to check on him and felt it wasn’t genuine. Nikki felt it was the effort that counted.

The tattoo artist would go on to apologize to his ex-mate for apparently cheating on her. The two eventually made amends, assuring each other there were no hard feelings between them.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers had mixed reactions to Brumfield and Nicole’s conversation, some fans applauded the couple for reconnecting, and others not so much.

“I’m glad that Phor finally got a chance to apologize, speak his mind and get closure. Nikki was a true friend to reach out to him and to hear him out. I pray that their friendship survives 💯.”

“I hope she keep it moving they’re toxic together and don’t fall for the BS. It’s great that he’s doing better and all but him saying her leaving “pushed him over the edge” is pure manipulation.”

“I’m so proud of both of them so I can make sure I’m actually talking things out. And I hope Phor stays all right mentally and emotionally 💙.”

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