Black & Streaming: From Dame Dash Studios’ ‘Black Money’ to Glenn Plummer in ‘Black Lies,’ Here Are the 12 Films and Series to Watch This Weekend on

ABS presents yet another ultimate what-to-watch list boasting film and television releases that highlight Black stories and voices in the media landscape. is a video streaming platform that caters to Black audiences, storylines, and narratives.

Aside from independent films and series, the site and app also display original content that represents the Black experience as far as London, Africa, and other destinations around the world. The app is available to stream on Roku, Fire TV, Google Store, Apple TV, Android, and iOS.

To ensure that Destah resonates with an audience that we have been speaking to for over a decade, it delivers the best selection of curated urban culturally themed content and programming, with much more to come.

This week’s What to Watch list includes acting by veteran Glenn Plummer from “South Central,” Menace II Society,” “Showgirls,” and other 1990 films, alongside “The Wire” actor Tray Chaney in “Black Lies.”

Former reality star Donald “Don” Brumfield from “Black Ink: Chicago” appears to put everything at risk for a married woman after becoming involved in her web of lies.

Here’s what’s new and streaming on

Looking for fresh content created by and for Black storytellers? Check out this week’s list of new movies and short series to enjoy.

  • Black Money (2022) Dame Dash Studios presents this film about a thug who changes his life to become a politician. He uses his former street crew to develop a cryptocurrency for the black business community until his old life catches up to him. 
  • Faithful (2022) “Black Ink: Chicago” star Donald “Don” Brumfield and Crystal The Doll play love interests in this film that follows the lengths a man will go through for his family, even if that means killing the person he loves the most.
  • Black Lies (2021) Veteran actor Glenn Plummer and “The Wire” star Tray Chaney both star in this drama centered around a loving and devoted father who suddenly learns the 6-year-old boy he’s been taking care of is not his. Now he’s left to decide if he can live without his son.
  • Meet the Snows (2022) Everything is all good until a pattern of mayhem connects a small family and a local nightclub over a missing 20-year-old college student. Her parents, a former Navy SEAL and a former CIA operative, rely heavily on help from the military and others from their respective backgrounds in hopes of finding their daughter within 24 hours. 
  • Fatally Flawless (2022) Former Murder Inc rapper Charlie Baltimore and late artist PnB Rock star in this gritty urban drama set in Philadelphia in the late 1990s — a time where drugs, sex, money and materialism were all in abundance,” according to the film’s description. 
  • Temporary Suspicion (2022) Marketing guru Robert Holding appears to have it all — a good job, good woman and a solid career. Until his life takes a dramatic turn, and everyone around forgets who he is.
  • Black Love (2022) This nearly two-hour full-length movie is filled with a series of short tales about dating, temptation, and love. One follows a couple separated during the COVID-19 pandemic called “Durty 30,” and another details how three women discovered they were dating the same man in “Hope for Dating in L.A.”
  • A Black Model in Paris (2011) Explore the true story of top supermodel Amina Warsuma, the first dark-skinned African-American model to go to Paris and become a top international fashion model in the 1970s. Within two weeks of arriving, she was hired by Karl Lagerfeld — the same designer who launched Kimora Lee Simmons’ career at 13 when she signed with Chanel. Warsuma rose to fame during a time when there weren’t many Black models in Europe and ended up on the cover of prominent fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and more, setting a standard for Black models.
  • Cameron (2022) Trouble is never far for a naive stripper as she works to make ends meet. Student by day and pole dancer by night, she struggles to navigate love, loyalty, and temptation that comes with the dangers her sketchy career brings.
  • Consequences (2017) Tony Tambi directs and stars in this web series about a group of reformed internet scammers and hackers who reinvent their old business with a new target in mind: immoral people. Tensions are high and a lot of money is expected to be made on the table until “some con men grow a conscience,” as noted in the promo ad for the movie. 
  • Anonymous (2014) On a hunt to take down a child sex trafficking ring, two men, Artemis and Cash, embark on a journey. During their discovery, one found his long-lost son and a ruthless enforcer willing to do whatever it takes to find the boy.

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