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‘This is Getting Good’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Jadah Blue Chimes In on Teddy Ruks’ ‘Relationship’ With Newcomer London

Former cast member of “Black Ink CrewJadah Blue had a few words to say about her old flame Teddy Ruks forming a supposed relationship with the new girl in the shop.

For those aren’t familiar with Blue and Ruks’ history, the pair had a complicated relationship, seeing as they both used to be sexually involved with each other. She, however, was fired from the Black Ink shop after she got into a physical altercation with Ruks’ ex-girlfriend Tati, who was the new girl at the shop at the time. Although, Blue and Ruks ended their ‘situationship’ a few seasons ago, there still seems to be some unresolved feelings on Blue’s end.

Teddy Ruks
(From left) Teddy Ruks, Jadah Blue and London. (VH1 screen grabs)

During Wednesday night’s episode, Ruks met up with “Black Ink” newcomer London. The two apparently had a fling during the crew’s trip to Memphis, Tennessee, and it seems the store manager is looking to take things to the next level with the new hire.

“Before, I used to be a ladies man,” Ruks told London at dinner. “Now I’m getting older.” He also insinuated that he was ready to “settle down” with the events coordinator and wanted “something solid,” saying she was different from the other women he dated in the shop.

Blue chimed in to the comments of the “Black Ink” episode shown on the show’s official IG page, and wrote, “This is getting good 😭😭😭”

Teddy Ruks

Blue’s theory about Ruks is that he always dumps the girl he’s involved with for every new female hired to the tattoo shop. He apparently cut things off with her not long after Tati was hired during season 7 and then dumped Tati this season and hooked up with London.

Black Ink Crew” viewers seemingly agreed with Blue and labeled him a man-whore.

“He mess with everybody say what he need to get what he want ok👌👌👌👌 teddy lmfao he’s gross”

“A whole hoe down on this damn show! 😂 Jadah was right about him all he ever does is f–k the new girl and move onto the next. London is dumb”

“@therealjadahblue after a couple f–ks and a few weeks of dating London we don’t care 😂😂 another dumbass falling for this man hoe game! You’ll be other notch on his belt!😡”

“Teddy full of sh-t…he is just waiting for some new p—y to come into the shop then he’s gonna drop London too. He claim they all different but do the same thing to everybody 🙄 he’s not settling down for nobody”

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