‘Nasty A–‘: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Teddy Ruks Gets Slammed For Messing With New Girl London and Dissing Ex Tati

Black Ink Crew” star Teddy Ruks is known as his cousin Ceaser Emanuel‘s sidekick, but he also has become known as a “ladies man.”

Last season, Ruks received a wave of backlash for firing former “Black Ink” assistant Jadah Blue, whom he was sexually involved with, after he got involved with his new love interest Tati. Blue tried warning her cast mate that the same thing would happen to her once Ruks laid his eyes on the next new girl on the shop, but Tati didn’t listen at the time.

Fast-forward to Wednesday night’s episode, and it seems Tati may have found out the hard way about what Blue was talking about. A heated exchange broke out between Miss Kitty and the new events coordinator London when the new hire seemingly disrespected Kitty’s wishes for her late mother. Tati defended Kitty, telling London that there was a “time and place” for her remarks.

Teddy Ruks
(From left) Teddy Ruks, London, and Tati. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Out of the blue, Ruks snapped at Tati and defended London, telling his now ex-girlfriend that she needed to “go sit outside” with Kitty. Moments after Tati left the crew to check on Kitty, Teddy got extremely flirty with the new girl. He grabbed London by her head and tongue-kissed her in the mouth, and she clearly didn’t resist. The pair locked lips for a few minutes before the scene ended.

“Black Ink” fans scolded Ruks for seemingly snapping at Tati to defend London just to sleep with the new girl.

“He’s such a hoe! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Teddy screws every new girl that comes to the shop .. they should just turn this into ‘ love and hip hop’ they never doing no tattoos.”

“London played herself!! 🤣 She gon’ end up like the rest of em! 2 episodes from now your gonna see her crying on screen begging Teddy to not play her 🥺”

“Here comes community d–k again Teddy is on prostitution level 😑 smh he need to stop before his d–k pop f–kin all them b–ches im da shop nasty ass”

“Teddy is a jerk for defending the new girl but not Kitty or Tati! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Teddy only sticking up for her now because he like her when it wear off he gone be a azzhole again.”

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