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‘Black Ink Crew’ Twitter Fans Brought to a Boil After Tati Ask Sky for Her Blessing to Date Teddy Ruks

Black Ink Crew” star Sky Days had social media lit after an upcoming episode shows her co-worker asking for permission to date her former fling Teddy Ruks.

Days and Ruks have a complicated relationship. The two used be an item, but their relationship just didn’t work out. However, “Sky” isn’t ready to let go of her old boo quite yet and doesn’t want any other woman to date Ruks. During season 6 of “Black Ink,” Days accused her co-worker Jadah of having herpes after finding out the employee slept with “Teddy.” Apparently, she said this to keep women from dating him.

Sky Days

(VH1 screenshot)

Nevertheless, in Wednesday night’s episode, Tati sat down with Days and lets her know that she and Ruks have feelings for one another. Tati was clearly nervous about approaching Days with the news of her and Ruks forming relationship, due to the mother of two’s quick temper.

Tati’s desire to have Days’ blessing for her and Ruks to date sent Twitter into a tizzy.

“Tati don’t want no problems with Sky. 😂 SMART.”

“Tati…@teddyruks doesn’t like you, he just wanna bang. But that was very grownup of you to speak with Sky first since yall cool and ish. But Sky look like she bout to smash a bottle on Tati head  😂.”

“Lord I hope @FlyyyTattedSky didn’t attack Tati for being real Saying she liked ted 🤦‍♀️.”

“Tati was shooketh 😂.”

“For once, i actually want Sky to beat Tati ass and i don’t even like Sky!”

“Sorry Tati , I like you but you gotta have the same energy for sky like you did for jadah boo 😂.”

Days experienced some legal trouble earlier in October after her Atlanta landlord filed a lawsuit against her, her boss Ceasar Emanuel and Viacom. The owner accused Days of violating her lease and is suing for other unspecified damages. The lawsuit against the reality star is currently pending.


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