‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Fault Tokie After She Gets Into Heated Altercation With Tati: ‘Should’ve Kept Your Mouth Shut’

Black Ink Crew” fans surprisingly sided with store VP Tati after getting into an explosive confrontation with her co-star Tokie during Wednesday night’s episode.

Lately, Tati has been on her colleagues’ bad side due to her supposed “stank attitude.” Since breaking up with her short-term boyfriend Teddy Ruks, the VP has apparently been in a rut, and her co-workers aren’t here for it, including Tokie, the shop’s receptionist.

Tokie (left) and Tati (right) got into an altercation on a recent episode of “Black Ink.” (Photos: @vh1 @blackinkcrew screenshots)

Tokie accused Tatti of being rude to everyone in the shop and even being “messy,” like when the VP supposedly instigated a fight between good friends Miss Kitty and Young Bae, claiming Kitty was talking negative about the tattoo artist’s mother.

On the April 17 episode, the entire “Black Ink” staff took a trip to Los Angeles, California, from New York and Tati clearly brought her “nasty attitude” with her, causing major tension in the house. When the group stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner, the co-stars thought it would be a great time to let the “Black Ink” vice president hear about their frustrations with her.

Miss Kitty was the first one to call Tati out on her “power tripping,” while the others blasted her for being insolent. Tati, who became overwhelmed with emotion, turned to her ex-boyfriend Ruks and blamed him for her behavior.

“We were supposed to be in a relationship, we were supposed to be talking and working things out, not, oh, you dump me, now it’s over,” she said to Ruks. “Come on, man, you don’t even hit me up for my birthday! That s–t was mean.”

Ruks defended his reason for calling it quits with Tati, saying that she “doubted” him by accusing him of cheating with the shop’s new tattoo artist Krystal. Amid the couple’s intense conversation, Tokie added her two cents, saying, “I mean he [Teddy Ruks] has a point.”

Tatti became infuriated, storming close to Tokie’s face, screaming, “Tokie, why do you always feel like you can chime in on s–t! You’re a receptionist, OK. Let me have a conversation that has nothing to do with you, please!”

Tokie (right) is just waiting for Tati to get too close. (Photos: @vh1 @blackinkcrew screenshots)

Tokie, began backing up, urging Tati to “get out of her face” before violently pushing her. Tatti swung on Tokie, apparently hitting her, but their fight was quickly broken up by the show’s security.

Some “Black Ink” fans sided with the VP, saying that Tokie deserved all of the energy she was getting from Tatti.

“Mind ya business b–ch! 💯 Tatti isn’t wrong. Tokie was completely out of line for saying something!”

“Toki should’ve minded her business. They all should’ve walked away bc that was obviously a convo that Tati and teddy should’ve had alone.”

“Boop that bih right in face 😂😂😭 Tokie should’ve kept her mouth shut 🤣.”

“Tokie stay in your lane tati was right when it came to telling teddy.”

Other folks sided with Tokie.

“Omg messy Tati is ANNOYING asf. She negative fucking up everyone’s vibe. If it was a personal conversation then it should’ve been him and her jeez now she’s mad 🙄.”

“Tati shoulda had the convo in private if she ain’t want nobody chiming in. 🤷🏽‍♀️ i’m glad Tokie pushed her!”

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