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‘Black Ink Crew’ Teddy Ruks Snaps on Jadah Blue After Her Explosive Fight with Tati

Black Ink Crew” actor Teddy Ruks completely lost his cool on his co-star and former fling Jadah Blue after firing her from the tattoo shop during last week’s episode.

Ruks told Blue that she was no longer an employee at “Black Ink” after her physical altercation with Ruks’ new love interest Tatiana. Blue and “Teddy” have a complicated relationship as they both used to be sexually involved with one another. However, the two are clearly done with their ‘situationship’ and “Black Ink Crew” viewers feel Ruks is acting a little bitter towards Blue.

The 28-year-old popped up at a gathering her co-stars were having and Ruks was furious, to say the least.

Teddy Ruks

(photo credit: L; Teddy and R; Jada B./ Instagram)

“Yo why don’t you listen,” Ruks pointed towards Blue. “I thought I told you, you was fired what the f**k are you doing here? If we can’t fire you it gotta be some laws about you stalking and popping up everywhere.”

“Jadah’s” friend Donna tried taking up for her by saying, “Ya’ll don’t even know what’s going on” but Ruks shot back, “We don’t give a f**k about what’s going on!”

Blue broke down in tears and revealed on the show that a relative of hers was shot while they were at a festival in New York. Ruks apologized a few moments later for being a “jerk” to Blue and offered her his condolences with a hug.

However, “Black Ink” viewers were appalled by the way “Teddy” spazzed out on Blue and felt he owed her more than an apology.

“Like a typical b**ch nigga.When you were fu**ing her it was all good and it was okay if she was in the shop. Now you got new pu**y so you acting different. 🤨 yuck!” one fan wrote.

Another added, “Omg why he was going so hard? He owes her more than a damn apology.”

One fan wrote, “This nigga teddy irks my soul. This what happens when you let niggas think they run shit and they don’t.”

A rumor was spread by Blue’s friend and co-star Donna that Ruks was the father of the 28-year-old’s unborn baby. However, Ruks made it clear on social media that the child isn’t his.

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