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Code Blue: Former ‘Black Ink’ Employee Jadah Seems ‘Psycho’ About Teddy Ruks Despite Carrying Another Man’s Child

Just when “Black Ink” viewers thought the beef was over between Jadah Blue and Teddy Ruks, things went completely downhill.

Ruks fired Blue from the tattoo shop a few episodes ago and the 28-year-old still doesn’t seem to be over the incident. Blue is happening to pop up at almost every single event where Ruks is present, and the “Black Ink” manager feels Blue has a “tracking device on his d**k.”

Blue and Ruks have a complicated history, as they used to be sexually involved. At one point, there was a rumor going around that Ruks was the former tattoo shop employee’s unborn child’s father, but that proved to be false. However, Blue recently found out that Ruks had a new love interest in his life, Tatiana.

Jadah Blue

(photo credit: L; Teddy and R; Jada B./ IVH1)

Ruks claimed Blue’s physical altercation with Tatiana in the shop was the reason she was given the pink slip. Blue on the other hand felt Ruk’s relationship with his new boo led to her firing.

Blue was furious and was on a quest to show Ruks she was not the one to be “played.” She popped up at an art show the store manager was attending and told him to “Bring yo’ ass outside, b**ch!”

Ruks responded by calling Blue a “psycho,” and she then proceeded to splatter bright yellow paint all over Ruks’ Black impala.

However, “Black Ink” viewers and fans wondered why Blue was still stuck on Ruks when the two are no longer involved and she’s pregnant with another man’s baby. The entire ordeal had social media on fire.

“And that’s why you fired move on please girl 😳 I would Never let a man push me that far.”

“Jadah and this pregnancy is in question, girl you done got shot at, fired, been in a few fights and stressing over a job 😷 and man that clearly don’t want you.”

“She don’t want to much for a nigga she supposed to be pregnant so what is she wearing about Teddy or Tati.. 🙄?”

“Ok Jadah doing too much now with Teddy, u pregnant ma!”

“Jadah jealous of Ted and Tati but she pregnant by another man LMAO FOH!”

“Jadah really going hard for a nigga that dont want her and she ain’t pregnant by 😑 !”

Watch the explosive episode below:


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