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‘You Look Like Trina’: Tamar Braxton Draws Comparisons to Big Sis with Makeup Free Video

Tamar Braxton enjoyed a night out with boyfriend David Adefeso Tuesday night and kept things casual as the pair threw back drinks at a bar. And the singer’s fresh-faced appearance quickly caught fans’ attention.

“When u are American …. and your man is Nigerian….. and u can’t drink no MO!! 🤷🏽‍♀️ #Jesusonthemainline,” Braxton captioned the brief footage of her and Adefeso taking a swig of their respective beverages. Braxton looked a little confused before chuckling once she swallowed her drink.

“LOL🤣😇😂! Time to close the tab and get ready for round 2 of the jollof😊🤣,” Adefeso remarked in the comments section.

But while the night appeared to be a fun one, fans were more taken by the lack of makeup Braxton wore and quickly drew comparisons between Braxton and her older sister Trina Braxton.

“Why was that a Trina face?”

“lol you look like @trinabraxton1 here. Well the deal is sealed then for life !!! 😂❤️💙🎉🍷 met your perfect Match.”

“Friend yu look like Trina. 😍😍🔥”

“Awww lookin like Trina a lil bit @vividly_emblazoned.”

“You look like Trina here. Cute!!”

Others felt the star looked like another older sis, Traci Braxton, if not a combination of both her and Trina.

“All I see is Traci! 💛”

“Definitely resemble Trina and Traci a lot in this video; more than I’ve ever noticed actually lol.”

“Your mannerism on this video is one part Trina and another part Traci.”

Tamar has had some drama with her sisters during the latest season of their family reality show “Braxton Family Values.”

Last year, ahead of the newest season, the majority of the Braxton clan walked off the set over a pay dispute. However, Traci continued filming the show with other reality stars without telling her family. Doing so caused a rift between Traci and Tamar, and the two had an explosive confrontation that threatened to keep them apart for good.

By December, however, the two made up after Tamar booked Traci to open for her concert — only to have issues between their entourages when showtime rolled around.

But that wasn’t the end of Tamar’s issues with her sisters.

When it came to Trina, her engagement during a group trip to Napa Valley meant to celebrate Tamar’s birthday fired up the youngest Braxton sibling. As the rest of the family gushed over the proposal from Trina’s boyfriend Von Scales, Tamar went live on Instagram and rolled her eyes as she stared down the camera.

The backlash against Tamar for her actions was swift, and she later apologized to her sis for her “ungrateful and juvenile” behavior.
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