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Trina Braxton Gets Engaged, Sister Tamar Braxton Apologizes for ‘Juvenile’ Behavior During Proposal

Trina Braxton is officially off the market! The Braxton sibling is engaged to her boyfriend six months after going public with him. But her sister Tamar Braxton’s attitude during the proposal has led to an apology for her “juvenile” behavior.

The Braxton siblings had taken a trip to Napa Valley, California, on Tuesday, March 26, to bond as a family and also celebrate Tamar’s birthday. As Tamar and her boyfriend, David, dined with Trina and her boyfriend, Von Scales, and the rest of the family, Scales popped the question. Tamar, who was filming herself on Instagram Live, looked visibly annoyed as Scales professed his love to Trina.

“I did this on purpose because your whole family is here,” Scales says. “And I know how important your family is … and you’ve seen my relationship with my son and my family and all that. I did not think at this stage in my life I’d be expanding my life circle. But I was wrong. I didn’t think I would feel this way about another person at this stage in my life. I was wrong about that too. I love you with all that I have.”

As excitement at the table built up, Tamar huffed and puffed. She later took issue with the lackluster birthday celebrations, which included a hot air balloon ride — she’s afraid of heights — and gifts of a card and sunglasses.

Realizing her behavior was uncool, however, Tamar took to Instagram Thursday to say she was sorry for how she acted and congratulated Trina and Scales on their impending nuptials.

“Sometimes you get so caught up in ‘ME’ you Fck up not only your night, but others as well!” she began. “Looking at the bigger picture, I’m so excited and Happy for @trinabraxton1 and @vonscales! He’s a FANTASTIC dude and (can y’all believe I actually like him a lot😌) although It was a weekend planned to celebrate my birthday, it was more about a weekend with FAMILY!! And that’s something that REALLY matters. Although I will rock my sunglasses and hang my card on the wall, it’s ungrateful and juvenile to undermine the fact that you two amazing people found true love and deserve each other and all the happiness in the world💕 I love u both so much and congratulations 🎈🎊🍾”

However, fans actually felt Tamar’s initial irritation with the proposal was warranted.

“You did nothing wrong. Stop letting your family and ‘friends’ make you think you overreact. You are not the one with the problem beautiful.”

“I honestly don’t think it was wrong. This is ur day. Ijs. Luv u god bless.”

“Naw sis you had a right to be a lil bothered but congrats.”

Trina has not replied to her younger sister’s apology.–g

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