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Fans Drag Tamar and Toni Braxton for Treating Sister Traci Like a ‘Joke’

Tamar and Toni Braxton caught a lot of heat from fans on Thursday for their “rude” behavior towards the middle sister Traci Braxton.

Braxton Family Values” viewers are still confused why 4 of the 5 Braxton sisters quit the reality show. However, tensions between the family members are running high and people are slamming Tony and Tamar for acting “stank” with their sister because of her decision to continue to work with WE TV.

Tamar Braxton

(photo credit: Tamar’s Instagram)

The “Love and War” singer shared an Instagram video hanging with her older sister Toni and the sisters seemed to be in good spirits. However, the sisters’ bonding moment was short lived after Tamar’s post was bombarded by angry fans who blasted the duo for acting “phony” towards their sister Traci.

“Still no way to treat family you all should be ashamed. Some things should be left unsaid. Karma remember that,” one person wrote.

Other fan reactions followed:

“Very sad and disappointed in you two. #tamarbraxton, to tell the truth, love you but it was expected but Toni huge disappointment!”

“They treat Traci so wrong. Them bitchexs.”

“Dirty bi***es.. How can yall say your sister is dead to you thats fu**ed up.”

“Shame on them for treating Traci like they did! Tamar telling her she is dead to her…. no do overs once that is said! Tamar is classless , low budget, and arrogant … her insides are foul!”

One fan said, “Yall ain’t shit how dare y’all leave traci like that !!! I see why Vincent left you !! You don’t no loyalty!!! Disappointed in this family.”

Tamar, Toni, Trina and Towanda Braxton got into a huge verbal altercation with their sister Traci when she decided to film after they all agreed to walk out. The family refused to continue filming “Braxton Family Values” because of payment issues. However, Traci “showed up for work” after agreeing not too. Tamar said she felt “blindsided” by Traci’s decision and allegedly told Traci she was “dead” to her.

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