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‘Who Is Bae?’: Jennifer Wiliams’ Boyfriend Photog Leaves Fans Begging to Know About His Identity

While she may be stirring up drama on “Basketball Wives,” Jennifer Williams is keeping it positive during her trip with her mystery boyfriend.

The reality TV star recently shared a photo of herself at the W South Beach hotel in Miami, Florida. She was wearing a black embroidered two-piece as she peered over the balcony through her huge sunglasses. As for who snapped the photogenic moment, Williams confirmed in her caption it’s her boyfriend with whom she’s been on vacation.

“He is my shooter… #Baecation ❤️” the TV star captioned the Aug. 8 post.

Jennifer Williams. (Photo: @jenniferwilliams/Instagram)

Instantly, fans poured out with comments pleading to know about her man’s identity.

“Who 👀”

“Ok Jen come thru 👍 and who is Bae 👀👀”

“👀 who? 😘🤣”

Then viewers began speculating that Williams did not actually have a boyfriend, presumably since he has yet to be seen.

“She don’t have a boo 🤷🏽‍♀️”

“😩😩😩😩 Damn now she lying about having a bae wow 😂”

“Where he at though.”

Williams has long teased fans about there being a new man in her life, which comes after she dealt with getting a restraining order against her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend, former “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” star Tim Norman.

A year ago, Williams posted a photo of herself to her Instagram Story where she was riding passenger side with a mystery man. His muscled arm was the only thing present in the pic.

“Him ❤️” she wrote across the photo, which mostly focused on her.

Fans have yet to see or hear much more about the star’s man. However, Williams did disclose on “The Breakfast Club” in September 2018 that he is a man under 50 who is in real estate, not the TV business.

When asked earlier this summer if she plans on ever sharing her new love onscreen, Williams told Atlanta Black Star she plans to play it safe for the time being.

“Some things you have to keep sacred, and when I met him, it was a little less than a year ago and I started filming the show top of the year,” she said at a screening of the “Basketball Wives” season 8 premiere in June. “And I don’t feel like our relationship was stable enough to introduce it to the world. We were still learning each other and figuring out our relationship.

“I think when something is near and true to your heart you gotta keep it there and then you collectively decide when are we gonna make this move to the public,” she continued. “So for right now, I’m actually really happy. I feel like I’ve done that in the past and it hasn’t worked for me, so I need to do something different.”

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