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Jennifer Williams Slammed For Posting Half a Photo of New Man, ‘That’s the Uber Driver’

It seems Jennifer Williams may have snagged a new man after she suffered a blow in court while battling her ex-boyfriend Tim Norman, but “Basketball Wives” fans are not buying it.

On Wednesday, August 29, Williams uploaded to her Instagram Story a photo in which she sat in a car next to a man whose face was mysteriously cropped out of the photo.

“Him ❤️” she simply wrote on the picture.

Jennifer Williams

The photo was swiftly picked up by a “Basketball Wives” fan account that same day, which added in the caption, “👀👀👀Jen We Need A Better Pic Of Yo New Bew!😥#BBWLA #JenniferWilliams #BasketBallWives.”

Fans, however, weren’t believing the hype.

“That’s her Uber driver. No one dates a liar 👀.”

“That’s probably her cousin. 😒✌🏾”

“She probably lying 😭🤦🏽‍♀️ @loyalvibess.”

“She’s the side[chick] if she not showing his face.”

“I wonder can she pull up the receipts that they are dating 😂😂😂”

“Her f*cking ass just showing this picture just for folks to think she got a man. I hate when folks post pictures of legs, arms etc. Post the whole damn picture or GTFOH with these [half] ass body pics. #stupid.”

Williams’ apparent new beau would be her first major relationship since breaking up with ex-boyfriend Norman. The BBW star has recently been dealing with a back-and-forth in court with the former “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” star, where both have accused one another of being violent and vengeful.

On an episode of “Basketball Wives” this season, she explained that Norman’s alleged treatment — including allegations of stalking — has instilled fear in her.

“It’s taking a toll on me, it’s really wearing me down. I haven’t been sleeping well, my mind is, like, all over the place,” she said. “I’m nervous, I still don’t want to walk my dog after dark. … I just need to date different guys.”

A judge recently denied the exes requests for permanent restraining orders against each other, but Norman’s arrest on an assault charge could help her case going forward.

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