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Jennifer Williams Slammed for Airing Out Kristen Scott’s Receipts While Failing to Produce Her Own

Another “Basketball Wives” episode means another round of receipts have been dug up.

It all went down Wednesday night on VH1 after Jennifer Williams learned about texts Cece Gutierrez sent Kristen Scott dissing O.G.

“She’s not attractive and wears weird s–t,” Evelyn Lozada, who was also present at the meeting with Scott and Williams, read aloud from the year-old text exchange. “If It was me, I would have called her a man.”

“I like O.G. but I think O.G. really rides for Cece and I just really want O.G. to see who CeCe really is,” Williams said in a confessional scene.

The thread was drummed up weeks after O.G. exposed an alleged family secret that Scott’s husband Thomas Scott is the adopted son of Gutierrez’s fiancé Byron Scott.

During Feby Torres’ performance that all the ladies were invited to, Torres clashed with O.G. and noted that “Cece ain’t even ya friend.” As O.G. denied that, Williams inserted herself and decided to tell O.G. Cece isn’t, in fact, her pal. When asked why, Williams replied, “Because of something I just learned.” She then stated Kristen has the proof in her phone, which several cast members glimpsed.

Fans, however, eagerly lashed out at Williams for corralling proof of others’ smack talk while failing to own up to what she’s done. Last season, she was accused of making negative accusations about Lozada’s daughter as well as spreading a rumor that Lozada slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex. The latter saw her get mocked when she failed to produce proof that Tami Roman was the one who brought up the allegation.

“Jennifer can expose everybody s–t but her own. How many times did Evelyn have to ask her did she talk about Shaunice? 😂”

“@ohmychelsx I just said the same thing on another post! Her ass love stirring the pot but won’t admit shit she done or said!” another fan commented in agreeance.

“Jennifer 😩 you out of the hot seat for 2 minutes and now you back in drama 😩 girrrrllllll.”

“Jennifer should be quiet and stay out the mix.”

Williams was recently reunited with Lozada after finally offering up an apology for what she said about her daughter being, among other things, a latchkey kid.

“We’ve known each other too long to be doing this,” Williams told Lozada during the group trip to San Diego, which was initially filled with tension between the women. “What happened yesterday was bad. I just want to take accountability for anything I may have said about Shaunice that may have been negative, that was viewed as negative and apologize to you and Shaunice.”

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