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‘You Do Things All the Time’: Tamar Braxton Gets No Fan Sympathy After Explaining Dust-Up With Sister Trina

Fans were riled up over the way Tamar Braxton reacted to her sister Trina Braxton getting engaged at her birthday dinner and they remained that way when she recently explained herself.

During an interview at Essence Fest last weekend, Tamar addressed rolling her eyes and later storming off as Von Scales popped the question to girlfriend Trina.

“Now yes, I am a birthday diva. However, since we’re talking about it, I thought we were sitting down and having a birthday dinner,” Tamar says of the moment that WEtv’s “Braxton Family Values” filmed and aired last month. “Now the night before was shenanigans. Right? And we had talked about doing a redo and for me … I just let everybody know how I feel. And five minutes later it was like, ‘Hahaha, that’s funny. Will you marry me?’ That’s how we doing? I mean, that’s just kind of how I felt about it and actually how it played out.

“And so, when everybody showed my reaction, I was like I thought I just let everybody know how I felt,” she continues. “Like, I was disappointed, I was hurt. And it’s absolutely no regard. So, OK. ‘Well, congratulations. Goodnight everybody. I’m going to bed.’ And that was my rebuttal. It wasn’t the best. But that’s just how I felt in the moment. Everybody gotta understand, if you tell your boyfriend, and you tell your sisters or your mama how you feel about something and they act like it doesn’t matter, your feelings are going to be hurt too. And that’s just how I felt at the time.”

It should be noted that after the moment was filmed in March, Tamar apologized for her behavior. On Instagram that month, she admitted the way she acted was “ungrateful and juvenile” and said, “Sometimes you get so caught up in ‘ME’ you Fck up not only your night, but others as well! Looking at the bigger picture, I’m so excited and Happy for @trinabraxton1 and @vonscales!”

But fans were more focused on Tamar’s recent explanation for her behavior, and they didn’t exactly sympathize with her.

“You do things all the time Tamar and blame it on someone/something else. Don’t come for me…the truth hurts.”

“Tamar always gets away with being mean..i don’t know how she gets away with it….she mean …and then gets revelation..she was on big brother and mean. And then got revelation….sigh oh day some will give her help.”

“No Tamar, you are a spoil brat, grow up. You are on this show being fake.tell it like it really happen.”

Tamar has previously expressed dissatisfaction with the way the show portrays her and even said she now enjoys performing over starring on reality TV.
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