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Tamar Braxton Unhappy with Direction of ‘Braxton Family Values,’ Eager for Spin-off Show

If her tweets over the course of last season were not enough of an indication, Tamar Braxton recently shared how she feels about the current state of “Braxton Family Values.”

The singer was shown to be rather fired up during the last season over such issues as her sister Trina Braxton getting engaged at her birthday dinner as well as her other sis Traci Braxton’s management while the siblings were on tour together.

But according to Tamar, how she was characterized on the WEtv series is not reality.

“I used to love reality television, but now it’s all about performing because it’s all about the people,” she says on ABC 7’s “Windy City Live” Saturday, June 28. “I show up for them and they get to see who I really, truly am. So that’s a good time.”

When asked about how authentic reality TV is, Tamar replied, “it’s not!”

“I created the ‘Braxton Family Values’ and so, when I created it almost 10 years ago, it definitely is a different show,” Tamar says. “I’m just hoping and praying and fasting that we gon’ get back to where we used to be.”

Tamar had famously walked away from the show for a time with all of her siblings except Traci last year. She also had previously taken a break from the show when she got her first spin-off “Tamar & Vince” with now-estranged husband and former manager Vince Herbert.

On Friday, Tamar added that she does have a spin-off of her own coming up.

“Everybody know I have a new love, new things that’s happening,” she says of the show. “Vince and I, we used to work together a lot and so now I’m doing business on my own. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to imagine — especially being in your 40s and starting all over again. I just want to show the whole entire world that it is possible. You believe in yourself, you trust in yourself, you do it yourself, you can be yourself and be amazing at it!”

Braxton’s recent dislike for reality television, however, had several fans questioning why she’s still a staple of it.

“Why does this woman STAY on reality TV if she hates it so much??????????? It’s not a hard game to figure out not all reality is real, but the DUMB things you CONTINUALLY stay saying and doing on front of a camera make you look worse than any editing ever could.”

“Narcissistic drama queen💯❗ I said what I said..”

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