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‘Don’t Be Mad’: Fans Learn Jackie Christie’s Fate on ‘Basketball Wives,’ Relationship with Cast Mates During Q&A

Despite earlier igniting rumors that she quit, Jackie Christie confirmed during a recent Q&A that she will be back for the new season of “Basketball Wives.”

The reality star chatted with fans Wednesday and answered questions concerning her status on the VH1 series, which comes back on TV June 19.

“Why are you quitting the show” one person asked.

“Not🧡🔥 Season 8′ #basketballwives.” Christie responded.

When a “Basketball Wives” fan account implored the star not to quit the Los Angeles-based show, Christie responded similarly.

“🧡😍🔥 Season 8′ #basketballwives,” she said.

Fans boosted her up as a result.

“Yasssss I’m so happy she’s not quitting the show. I love @jackiechristie and @tamiroman 😩❤️”

“@jackiechristie I adore you, you keep doing you, them young girls stay intimidated by your beauty, tell don’t be mad at you, Hod gave it to you❣️.period😍😍💅🏼”

Another fan wanted to know if Christie was on good terms with co-star Tami Roman.

“Are you and Tami still cool?” the question said.

“Yes🧡” the star replied.

jackie christie

Christie had fans thinking she was throwing in the towel on the reality show when she posted on her Instagram Story in April saying, “I got into it at the skating rink. [A lot of people] want me gone. Are you guys gonna continue to watch the show? … If you do, have fun.”

“Awe it’s been fun bbw8 saying bye to all the girls 1by1 😍😂 y’all continue to support them,” she added in the caption.

Yet in May, Christie confused fans further by appearing to tamp down rumors she had made her exit.

“Hey, Jennifer. I’m coming to your party, girl,” Christie said in a video on her Instagram page.

“♠️Tonight….💕🎥,” she added in the caption, which included an emoji indicating she’d be in front of the cameras at co-star Jennifer Williams’sip and shop for Classy Girl Wardrobe.

While it’s clear now that Christie will be on “Basketball Wives,” it’s not plain what prompted the fan question about her friendship with Roman.

Last season, Roman sat down with Christie and had a candid chat where Roman claimed Evelyn Lozada told her the headbutting incident with her ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was an accident. On a more personal level, Roman commissioned Christie to help her get the perfect proposal from her longtime boyfriend Reggie Youngblood. Yet Roman got cold feet about jumping the broom, saying she was concerned about not being able to conceive.

“If I don’t go through with having this baby, I don’t want him to resent me,” Roman said.

However, things have not always been so harmonious between the two. A season prior, the two nearly came to blows when Christie ran up on Roman after she mocked Christie’s fur coat.

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