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Tami Roman Called Out by Suspicious Fans Who Don’t Buy Evelyn Lozada Confided In Her About Domestic Violence

“Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman is claiming Evelyn Lozada gave her some inside scoop on the origins of her headline-making fight with then-husband Chad Johnson.

“We had a conversation many years ago where that woman said it was an accident,” Roman tells Jackie Christie on the July 8 episode. “So don’t sit up and pretend you’re the victim when you know it was a fraudulent situation. … He accidentally [headbutted her] because they were tussling with each other. The neighbors saw and they called the cops and had they not done that, she would still be with Chad.”

Lozada filed to divorce Johnson, a former Cincinnati Bengals player, six weeks after they wed because of a domestic violence incident that left the “Livin’ Lozada” star with a bloodied forehead.

Previously, Roman had accused Lozada of “lying on Chad,” which Lozada balked at.

When Lozada watched the episode back Sunday, she was fired up over Roman’s claims.

“Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!! This woman has hit an ALL TIME LOW!!!!!! Ask @ShaunieONeal or @iamjennifer if I ever had a private convo with them about my incident! #BasketballWives #Pathetic,” Lozada tweeted.

“She’s trying to cover her as* because she knows she went too far that day! #BasketballWives,” she said before adding, “Please someone look up the police reports from that day! This woman is full of sh*t!!!!! Cuz I have receipts! #BasketballWives.”

“She’s doing damage control but it ain’t working!!! We don’t believe you, you need more people! #BasketballWives,” Lozada said in another tweet.

She also co-signed a viewer’s post asserting Roman made up the story about Johnson and Lozada’s incident.

Meanwhile, fans have continued chiming in on the situation.

“Oh Tami boo, Evelyn confided in you it was an accident but no one else? Girl bye #BasketballWives.”

“Evelyn told Iyanla that her & Chad w/fighting almost from day 1 & I believe Tami when she said Evelyn told her it was actually an accident. I have no sympathy for Evelyn. She should take as easy as she gives. Always going off on people [and as] soon as they hit back, here come the tears.”

“Lawd. Tami lying like a mf. So Evelyn told you it was an accident but not Shaunie or Jen? B—-hhh yeah right !!!! #BBW #BasketballWives.”

“If Evelyn ever did actually tell Tami that the head-butting incident with Chad was an accident she was probably in denial which most of domestic violence victims typically are after the situation. They don’t want to believe it could happen to them.”

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