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Tami Roman Fears Marrying Boyfriend Will Lead Him to ‘Resent’ Her for Not Being Able to Have Kids

Tami Roman wanted to get married so much that she commissioned “Basketball Wives” co-star Jackie Christie to help her get the perfect proposal from longtime boyfriend Reggie Youngblood. But she’s suddenly got cold feet.

Roman thanked Christie for helping her boyfriend with getting things in order but admitted to her pal that now she doesn’t want to get married at all.

“If I don’t go through with having this baby, I don’t want him to resent me,” Roman explains on the Monday, July 30 episode.

She said in a confessional that when she and Youngblood first got together, he wanted to have children. Roman added she “absolutely tried” three times to conceive, but after the third miscarriage, she thought it may have been a sign of how things will shake out.

Tami Roman

Credit: VH1 Basketball Wives

Yet in 2016, Youngblood assured her that he still wanted to marry her. However, Roman believes the baby issue would crop back up as they approach their wedding.

“I don’t want to travel that road with Reggie,” she says.

Christie suggests the pair draw up a contract saying Youngblood won’t leave Roman over kids, but Roman shoots that idea down, noting it wouldn’t be fair to her boyfriend to keep him from pursuing someone who can fulfill his desire.

Still, Twitter users were distraught over the possibility of something happening to Roman and Youngblood’s relationship. They also offered solutions to the childbearing issue.

“Tami, please don’t put Reggie back into these streets as a single man. Hold on to him! #BasketballWives.”

“Tami is gonna ruin this relationship with Reggie #BasketballWives.”

“I hope Tami & Reggie don’t break up they make a lovely couple #Basketballwives.”

“I love Tami, but it seems she’s making every reason not to marry Reggie. Sis that man loves you & you can’t see it. Don’t lose a good man! #BasketballWives.”

“Tami & Reggie can use a surrogate or adopt! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ #BasketballWives.”

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