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‘Grow the F–k Up’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Slam Kirk Frost for Making His Daughter Pick Up His Love Child

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Kirk Frost is in hot water with viewers for his seemingly distant co-parenting tactics.

In a teaser for this week’s episode, Frost’s 24-year-old daughter Kelsie Frost tried picking up her little brother Kannon from the home of Jasmine Washington, Kirk’s former mistress, but things apparently didn’t go as planned.

Kirk Frost
Kelsie Frost and her father Kirk Frost. @loveandhiphop/Instagram

Earlier this season, Frost voiced concerns about how Washington was raising their 2-year-old son Kannon, claiming she partied too much. He and his wife Rasheeda Frost also wondered why the toddler was spotted still wearing pull-ups instead of being potty-trained.

Washington, 28, felt the couple were criticizing her parenting skills and accused Kirk of “just now” making an effort to get into his son life. She also mentioned not having any direct contact to reach the D-Lo producer. He on the other hand felt it was better to no longer communicate with his former mistress due to all of the drama between, her, himself and his wife Rasheeda and instead made his daughter Kelsie the mediator.

Well, it seems his no-contact rule came back to bite him. During Kelsie’s regular visits to Washington’ house to pick up her little brother, she apparently was prevented from doing so.

“I just came from trying to get Kannon but they wouldn’t,” she told Kirk and Rasheeda during the teaser. ” I shouldn’t be the middle person. You gotta have some type of direct contact somehow.”

Kirk’s response to his daughter was, “It’s part of life. This is what you do.”

“LHHATL” viewers blasted the father of seven, saying it was his responsibility to pick up his son, not his daughters.

“Kirk grow the f–k up. Go get your own f–king kid 😑 it’s not your daughter’s child.”

“Kirk needs to man up and stop sending his daughter to get his son period. Rasheeda already know damn now it’s time be real grown about this situation.”

“This is🤢🤮 just throw the whole Kirk and Rasheeda out!. Disgusting making his daughter do his job that’s his job!”

“Kirk issa jackass! How u gon put yh daughter in the middle n be comfortable? Wey to be a man about the situation 😑 he’s scared of temptation with Jasmine!”

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