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‘Shut Up Kirk’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Side with Jasmine Washington After Kirk Frost Criticizes Her Mothering Efforts

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” actor Kirk Frost received a lot of flak from social media after attacking his ex-mistress’s parenting efforts.

Amid the episode 4 drama last week, Kirk and his wife Rasheeda Frost raised some concerns about Jasmine Washington‘s mothering efforts after his 2-year-old son Kannon was spotted still wearing pull-ups. The “Boss Chick” felt that the toddler should be potty-trained at his age and not still wearing pull-ups. Fast-forward to episode 5, and Kirk decided to meet up with the 28-year-old’s mother and grandmother to discuss his concerns about how his son is being raised.

He told Washington’s relatives that he felt she parties too often instead of spending time with their son.

Kirk Frost
Kirk Frost and Jasmine Washington. (Photos: @vh1 @loveandhiphop screenshots)

“This is my concern, she might hit me and say ‘I’m going to a party in L.A. and I just need you to watch him,'” Kirk said, adding that it was bothersome.

As the D-Lo record label manager continued to express his worries, Washington stormed into the room to his surprise after being forewarned by her mother about their meeting. She then defended herself against his accusations of unfit parenting, saying that she asked him to watch their son “one time” while she went out and partied. She next turned the tables on Kirk by alleging that he was an absentee father.

“You haven’t been there for many holidays, you haven’t been there for any birthdays, you wanna post family first on Thanksgiving,” she said to Frost. “You’re not even around enough for you to tell me that I party too much.”

When Kirk fired back, asking why their son was “still wearing pull-ups,” Washington countered by saying his wife Rasheeda is the one who gave him the idea to attack her mothering efforts. She then checked Kirk, who met his 2-year-old for the first time last year, by saying that he had no right to try to tell her how to raise their son when he’s just entered the picture.

“Kirk just recently got involved with his son and he wants to call me out on my parenting,” Washington said. “He needs to become a father before he can even think about commenting on me as a mother.”

“LHHATL” viewers agreed with Washington, slamming Kirk for criticizing her parenting skills.

“How you gon ‘see’ about how your son is raised….. and then be concerned about parenting, when you was a whole deadbeat father smh. 👏🏾YOU 👏🏾SHOULD 👏🏾KNOW how’s he’s being raised as an active parent 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

“Didn’t he deny this baby? I wouldn’t even be talking to him kirk has no right to say anything about how Jas raises Kannon/”

“Shut up kirk. He has no right to question her parenting skills when he walked around denying him in the beginning. He way out of line and a 🤡.”

“Kirk is the worst dude on the earth 🤦🏾‍♂️ why doesn’t he help her with Kannon instead of criticizing her smh.”

Others defended Kirk.

“Jasmine did have a baby by a married man and Kirk and Rasheeda are clearly helping Kannon.”

“Kirk has a point Jas is still young and probably parties a lot he and Rasheeda needs to get custody of Kannon 🤷.”

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