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‘OMG!’: Tamar Braxton Fans Say Son Logan Surprisingly Resembles This Sister

Despite the pair not getting along over the last year, Tamar Braxton and her sister Traci Braxton have something that may be surprising in common.

On Monday, Tamar uploaded a video of herself soaking up some quality time with her 5-year-old son Logan as they bonded at the pool on Mother’s Day Sunday, May 12.

“He swam all day✨he was sooo tired 😂😩 but still managed to be my date at my concert 💪🏾I’m just so grateful that God gave me THIS kid!! Beans is AMAZING 💕,” Tamar wrote in the caption of the quick video. In it, she grabbed her son’s attention and exclaimed “Beans! Happy Mother’s Day!” after quickly panning the camera down to give fans a glimpse of her sexy swimsuit.

Many fans were eager to see the child the singer shares with estranged husband Vince Herbert on video.

“Awe! SOOOO CUTE, Happy Mothers Day Tay you are such an AMAZING MOM! GOD BLESS😍🙏🏼”

“He is so adorable💙😍”

“this bond right chea ✨❤️ reminds me of me & mines 🙏”

But while many have often exclaimed Logan looks like his dad, another familial comparison emerged in the comments this time around. Fans now said he looks like his aunt Traci.

“He looks like Traci.

“lookin like his Auntie Traci.”

“OMG!!! I see his Auntie Traci right there❤❤.”

“When he mad that auntie Traci face, 🤣”

And while Beans may look like his mother’s older sister in the video, Tamar seems to be getting along much better with him than she has been with Traci as of late.

Following her rift with her family after they famously walked off the set of “Braxton Family Values” last year, Tamar attempted to make amends with the clan. The move, which began with her sister Trina Braxton, came following an emotional sit-down with Traci during a family mediation session headed by Iyanla Vanzant.

“Forgive me for not showing you compassion and sympathy when you really needed it,” Tamar sobbed to her sister at the time. “And for real being the shoulder you needed to cry on, a person for you to lean on — not half ass but wholeheartedly. I’m so sorry because I know that you needed that.”

The first step in the forgiving process came in the form of extending an olive branch to Traci by having her open for a December show at New York City’s Sony Music Hall and Washington’s Howard Theatre last year. However, their harmony hit a snag again by April, when Tamar got heat for celebrating her Arkansas “Tamar Braxton Day” instead of keeping the focus on Traci’s 48th birthday.
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