‘His Daddy Twin:’ Tamar Braxton’s Followers Marvel at How Much Her Son Looks Like Vincent Herbert


After some drama in Washington, D.C., Tamar Braxton got back to doing her stage play and on a stop in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, she was joined by a special guest.

The singer’s 5-year-old son Logan chilled with the star backstage as she unwound from “Redemption of a Dogg” on Nov. 18 and Braxton had some playful banter with her only child.

“You’re my favorite person on the planet,” she tells her son in a high-pitched voice as they use a bunny Instagram filter on video. “Thank you for coming to my show. I love you so much … you’re my biggest fan.”

Logan, whom Braxton shares with her estranged husband Vince Herbert, looked dapper in a light blue button-up shirt. And fans marveled not only at how tall he’s gotten but how much he looks like his music executive dad.

“Whew Chile that is Vincent JR honey! You just carried that baby! 😍😍😍”

“Lord girl you just laid there that night 😜 his daddy twin.”

“He’s getting so big 😘”

“He is going to be so tall with him lil handsome self 😍”

“He is Vince twin, all the way down to the mouth!!”

“Aweeee his daddy’s twin!! Too cute 👑”

“Heyyy logan..he is growing up so fast tamar..love y’all on Braxton family values keep the shows coming. I really enjoy y’all shows.”

Braxton just wrapped up her stint on Snoop Dogg’s semi-autobiographical play this week in which she played an angel that guided Snoop’s character. Things went relatively smoothly until a stop in D.C. last weekend when she abruptly left the show. Writer/director Je’Caryous Johnson was forced to explain her absence and asked for prayers.

Days later, a report emerged that Braxton’s grew irate and walked out over not getting her meal delivered after her friend was blocked from coming backstage by security.

“She was completely hysterical and totally out of control,” said an insider told the Daily Mail. “She kept screaming, ‘she’s not here for this,’ talking about herself in the third person and then saying, “I’m so sick of this s—.’ Then she said, ‘you can do this damn show without her,’ again, addressing herself in the third person.”

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