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Tamar Braxton Fans Race to Her Defense When She’s Blasted for Celebrating Personal Honor on Sister Traci’s Birthday

Tamar Braxton wished her older sister Traci Braxton a happy birthday Tuesday, but fans began crying foul when she also mentioned it was Tamar Braxton Day in the state of Arkansas.

The problems bubbled up on Instagram on April 2 when Tamar uploaded a photo of her holding a plaque commemorating her honor, which became official in 2016.

“@therealtracibraxton birthday AND margaritas and burgers all day!!! 💕🍔🍹” she wrote in the caption.

Many fans promptly called out the star. They took issue with her apparently detracting from Traci’s 48th birthday by propping up herself. The moment came after Tamar took issue with Trina Braxton getting engaged during family dinner the previous week on a trip to Napa Valley, where the Braxtons were also celebrating the “Celebrity Big Brother” winner’s birthday.

“Now she’s receiving a special honor on Traci’s birthday all excited, but was mad when Trina got engaged on her birthday. Just saying 😎”

“You acted an entire fool when your sister got engaged on your birthday, then turn around an essentially display the same behavior you took offense to. I don’t think anyone is ‘upset’, it’s just your hypocrisy is mind blowing😳”

“You get mad cause Trina got engaged on your birthday because its your day but yet you do this on Traci birthday.”

Still, others swooped in to defend Tamar. They pointed out that the singer showered her sis with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” on Instagram Live earlier that day.

“@specialheart39 shut the f–k up it’s not that deep she sung happy birthday to traci on live and it’s tamar braxton day in arkansas today as well so she had to give them a shout out to 🙄”

“Damn people Tamar did wish Traci a happy birthday on her live and even sang for her a little bit. Even Traci said on the live they have something in common, they share the same day. Traci isn’t mad why are y’all??”

“@felicia_been_on did you not see her live she did earlier she told her happy birthday and sung happy birthday to her.🙄🤦🏽‍♀️”

In the aforementioned clip, Tamar exclaims, “I wanna say happy birthday to Traci, it’s her birthday!”

After belting out Stevie Wonder’s cover of the public domain tune, Traci cut in to say “And we share something in common — even though our sisters don’t get along all the time — but it’s your day too.”

Tamar quickly shut that down and instead focused on celebrating her sister.

The entire Braxton clan also rang in Traci’s birthday with a late-night gathering that included a massive gold-colored birthday cake.


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