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‘Black Ink Crew’ Boss Ceaser ‘Mans Up’ and Talks it Out with Alex: ‘We Did Some Sucka S–t’

After feuding for an entire season, “Black Ink Crew” cast mates Ceaser Emanuel, Teddy Ruks, Alex Robinson and Donna Lombardi called a truce.

The tension between Emanuel and Robinson was at an all-time high last season after Emanuel and Ruks physically assaulted Robinson. And to make matters worse, the shop owner and his cousin were unapologetic for their action toward the tattoo artist.

Things between the cast mates progressively worsened after Robinson realized he’d sustained tissue damage from the fight, leaving him unable to financially provide for himself, his son and girlfriend. Doctors also told him that his tattoo career might be over because of his back injury. Seemingly out for revenge, the tattooist entertained the idea of taking “it to the streets,” until he was convinced by his girlfriend Donna Lombardi to sue Emanuel for damages.

Ceaser Emanuel
Alex Robinson (left) and Ceaser Emanuel. (Photos: @vh1 screenshot, @blackinkcrew)

By the March 13 episode, Robinson had decided to take legal action against Emanuel, but the shop owner didn’t believe a word coming out of Robinson and Lombardi’s mouth. He accused the couple of trying to “scam” him, asserting that nothing was wrong with Robinson’s back.

The April 10 episode would show Emanuel hiring a private investigator and learning that his former employee was seriously injured.

“He basically f–ked his back up. I feel really bad,” said Emanuel. “He can’t pick his son up, he can’t tattoo, must mean he can’t bend his back. … This some horrible s–t that I did. I really liked that kid I didn’t want him hurt. I can’t believe it that I was this f–king wrong.”

Although Emanuel was apologetic toward Robinson, his rage toward the tattooist’s girlfriend was real. When attempting to call Lombardi out for his and Robinson’s beef during the April 24 episode, he finally came face-to-face with his ex-employee. They talked out their differences, only for it to go left after the couple accused him of trying to stop their bag.

Donna Lombardi
Ceaser Emanuel and Donna Lombardi. (Photos: @vh1, @blackinkcrew screenshot)

Fast-forward to the season finale and the entire “Black Ink” staff eventually reunited for their last day in Los Angeles before heading back to New York. Robinson and Lombardi were among their former co-workers after being invited by Sky Days to join them.

Desiring to end the feud, Emanuel apologized to Robinson and Lombardi.

“He’s upset and he deserved an apology,” Emanuel said. “We did some sucka s–t. We invited him into the family then we turned him down, which is absolutely some bulls–t. Donna certain lines have been crossed and I apologize.”

Robinson dapped Emanuel and Ruks up, saying he only wanted them to say sorry.

“All I wanted was a sincere apology from somebody I looked at as my mentor. It’s not all about money… If this man is willing to apologize then I’m willing to accept his apology,” said Robinson.

“Black Ink” viewers were happy to see them finally quash the beef.

“That’s some real grown man shit @ceaserblackink I respect you for this. Very big of Ceasar! 🙏🏾🙏🏾.”

“Just one more reason why I admire & respect Ceaser 💙 ONE LOVE.”

“All Hail Ceasar for doing the right thing by Puma, Alex and even Donna.”

“I’m happy he apologized to Alex ! But not Donna she doesn’t deserve a apology cause she’s the reason Alex in this s–t now.”

“Now that’s what’s up! STOP ALL THAT DUMB S–T!!💯.”
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