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‘Really Donna?’ Black Ink Crew Fans Want Donna to Take Responsibility for Alex’s Brawl with Teddy and Ceaser

Black Ink Crew” viewers went back-and-forth after discussing if whether or not Donna Lombardi played a role in Alex Robinson‘s explosive fight with Ceaser Emanuel and Teddy Ruks.

Wedding arrangements for Young Bae took a turn for the worst after a massive fight broke out between Lombardi, Robinson, Emanuel and Ruks during last weeks episode. The heated confrontation ended with viewers dragging Emanuel and Ruks online for double-teaming Robinson during the altercation.

On Wednesday night’s interlude, Lombardi discussed the fight with Robinson and felt Emanuel was in the wrong for laying hands on him.

Donna Lombardi

(VH1 screenshot of Donna L.)

“Seeing Alex get jumped last night was really f—king scary,” Lombardi said in her confessional while tearing up. “It just makes me so sad that they really tried to hurt Alex. … That s–t is wack to me.”

She added, “Something is really wrong with Ceaser.”

Robinson told viewers he lost all respect for Emanuel and was really “disappointed in Ceas.”

“He was more than a boss to me,” Robinson explained. “But after last night I seen a side of him I just can’t stand.”

Several fans blamed Lombardi for being the reason as to why Robinson got into a fight with Emaunel and Ruks.

“Donna it’s your fault Alex had to go through that if you would learn some respect and know that at your job you can’t go off on your boss and expect to keep your job. You over everybody owe Alex an apology because you couldn’t respect his wishes and let him stay home you just had to pressure him into going with you 🙄.”

“Can Anybody SEE IT WAS HER FAULT AND MOUTH! Yes it was Fuked up what they did to Alex but she provoked the whole SHIT 😑!”

“He told her he didn’t want to go. This fight would have been avoided if she would have stayed home like he wanted and kept her mouth shut 🙄.”

Other “Black Ink” fans disagreed with folks who blamed Lombardi for the fight and felt she had nothing to do with Ruks or Emanuel’s “petty” actions.

“People who are REEEEEaching to blame Donna for the actions of adult “Bossy” men…blame ya mother 😂.”

“Not Donna fault at all… Donna and Cease have had the issues like forever nothing new. Way before Alex. Alex was trying to respect Cease but Caesar pulled him into the situation. Caesar is wack for that.”

“Ceaser need to do some soul searching, he forgetting his day ones, he do Donna to bad 😟.”


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