‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Urge Alex to Sue Ceaser After Explosive Fight Leaves Him In the Hospital

Black Ink Crew” New York co-star Alex Robinson apparently suffered a back injury from a physical altercation with his cast mates last season, and folks are advising the tattoo artist to file suit.

Robinson ended season 6 on bad terms with his former boss Ceaser Emanuel after the shop owner and his cousin Teddy Ruks double-teamed him in a fight because of Emanuel’s beef with Robinson’s girlfriend Donna Lombardi. Emanuel threw the first punch at Robinson, but it was his cousin Ruks who sucker punched Robinson from behind, subsequently causing him to fall on his back.

Alex Robinson

Ceaser Emanuel (left) and Alex Robinson (right) got into a big fight at last season on “Black Ink Crew.” (Photos: VH1)

The season premiere of “Black Ink” aired on March 13, when viewers learned that Robinson was physically in bad shape after getting jumped by the shop owner and his cousin last season. During the episode, the tattoo artist complained about back pains to his girlfriend Lombardi, but the couple apparently didn’t think much of it until she was forced to take him to the hospital.

Lombardi told viewers that Robinson began shaking uncontrollably in the car while they were “driving around” and wept tears of pain. As the former “Black Ink” employee laid in a hospital bed, medical officials said his CAT Scan showed there were no breaks in his spine, but that he suffered from severe tissue damage. The doctor said he’d be in physical therapy for weeks until he could to “make all of” his “tissues and muscles normal again.”

Robinson was more upset that he lost his ability to tattoo for a living, hence being unable to provide for himself, his girlfriend and son due to his injury. He said in his confessional, “My head is really fu–ed up right now and I’m just confused.”

He continued, “I really don’t know what to do I don’t know if I can do anything. It’s like I’m stuck here in pain unable to provide for myself and most importantly my son.”

“Black Ink” viewers who sympathized with Robinson urged him to file a lawsuit against Emanuel and Ruks for the physical and emotional damages that they appeared to cause.

“I hope Alex sue Ceasar & Teddy fat mouth ass 🤢 !!”

“Damn, nerve damage is no joke. Alex, should sue everyone and call it a day 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

“Looks like a good lawsuit Alex and Donna go for it! Alex ain’t deserve that jumping!”

“Alex should sue Ted & Ceaser big lip stank breath ass & take ALL his money 😤.”

Others advised the tattoo artist to break up with his girlfriend Lombardi.

“Alex dump Donna she’s the one who did this too you 😒 !”

“Alex need to get rid of Donna Asap she the one who got him jump smh.”

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