‘Yuck:’ ‘Black Ink’ Ceaser Dishes Coins for Bae’s Wedding But It Won’t Keep Fans from Trashing His ‘Selfish’ Ways

Black Ink Crew” shop owner Ceaser Emanuel remains in hot water with fans who continue to blast him for his inconsiderate actions.

Social media hasn’t been a fan of Emanuel since he fired his most loyal employee Sky Days. The shop owner disagreed with Days for wanting to open a fashion boutique in Miami, Florida and later gave her the boot for doing so.

Ceaser Emanuel

(photo credit: VH1 screenshot)

In more recent events, Emanuel recently accepted to walk his employee Young Bae down the aisle for her upcoming wedding. He also spent quite a bit of moolah on the Korean artist’s wedding venue and spared no expense for the accommodations. Nevertheless, Bae broke some bad news to the shop owner that his friend-turned-enemy Richard Ohs**t Duncan and his former employees Alex and Donna Lombardi would be in attendance at her wedding.

Emanuel became upset and seemingly wondered why Bae would invite his foes to a wedding that he paid for.

“Why the f**k would she think it would be okay for her to invite this motherf***er to the wedding? … Is she f***ing stupid?”

“Black Ink” viewers grew fed up with the shop owner’s “egotistical” mannerisms and blasted him for his “selfish” ways.

“He’s so selfish omg. I would’ve quit a long time ago. The amount of talent young bae has. Ceaser better gtfoh 😴.”

“I’m starting not to like this man 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ why is he so selfish and unforgiving.”

“Yuck he’s so selfish! It’s her fucken wedding not yours dumbass!”

“Wtf Caesar it’s not your fucckking wedding wth😡😡😡 why do everyone have to be mad and not friends cause you got problem this is so wrong of you 😕😔.”

“First he wanna tel sky what she can n can’t do, now he telling bae who she can n can’t have at her wedding smfh he needs to grow up.”

Other folks defended Emanuel and felt Young Bae was in the wrong for inviting people she knew Emanuel wasn’t on good terms with.

“Yall acting like yall not supposd to ride for the ppl u fuck wit. How she gon fuck wit a known enemy n expect him not to snap 😕.”

“Let’s be clear. If it wasn’t for @ceaserblackink Bae wouldn’t be as successful as she is. Her loyalty is to him first.”


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