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Quad Webb-Lunceford Seemingly Shades ‘Married to Medicine’ Cast By Saying L.A. Docs Have ‘a Better Sisterhood Than Atlanta’

Quad Webb-Lunceford is sounding off on the ladies of the new “Married to Medicine” spinoff “Married to Medicine: L.A.,” and she says so far they get along a lot better than the Atlanta docs do.

Miss Quad, who trekked to Los Angeles on the Sunday premiere of “M2M L.A.” to meet the new MDs, made the admission after she hopped on Instagram Live Monday. During the stream, she chatted with fans about the pilot episode that aired March 3 on Bravo.

“I enjoyed them,” she explains in the March 4 live video. “Of course, as time progress we’re gonna really get an opportunity to see what all these ladies are made of. It can be very challenging and very taxing emotionally and also mentally, but you just gotta be tough … And I really hope what I saw remains throughout however many years their show will be aired. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get, like I said earlier, dark and malicious and evil and nasty.

“As of right now, I think they have a better sisterhood than Atlanta,” she continues. “That’s just me. Some people may disagree with me, but I’m saying what I’m saying, and I mean exactly what I say: I think they have a stronger sisterhood than Atlanta. Because I had the opportunity to talk to a number of those ladies, and there are some things that they just won’t do or say. Now, that may be a bit challenging for production, but I think there is a level of integrity with that group of women, and I would like to see that last.”

Webb-Lunceford has had her share of issues with her cast mates since filing for divorce from her psychiatrist husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford last year. As she dealt with the change in her marital status, she kept things away from friends Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Jackie Walters. But according to Webb-Lunceford, she didn’t feel as if Bush-Harris and Walters were supporting her.

“In my case, it was the same situation,” Quad told Walters of their cheating husbands and Lunceford airing out his issues with his estranged wife in interviews. “Instead of it being on a blog, my husband verbally said that. … If you know that I’m going through something, then why is it when you see me again why not offer a conducive environment where I feel safe to open up and talk to you?”

It wasn’t just this either. Miss Quad also had issues with Mariah Huq, who deemed Webb-Lunceford “the scum of the earth” during the season 6 reunion following a season of epic clashes between the two.

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