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Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford Have Epic Clash on ‘Married to Medicine’

Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford had a major clash on “Married to Medicine” Sunday night and fans eagerly chimed in on the moment.

After an emotional evening where Webb-Lunceford refused to dish on how she’s doing while saying she felt the women didn’t support her through her divorce from husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford, the “Sister Circle” host stormed away leading Huq to chase after her. Huq handed Miss Quad her purse but deemed her a “b—-” when she took it back with an attitude.

Then, the two exploded. Webb-Lunceford shouted at Huq over the allegation that she wasn’t kind and things got physical as Miss Quad tried to walk away.

“Don’t do that Quad!” Huq says after hitting her cast mate in the back.

“I did not touch you! I did not touch you! You know better!” Webb-Lunceford says as Dr. Heavenly Kimes steps in to separate them.

Miss Quad then steps away with Huq going after her to try to talk.

Fans who caught the moment had some thoughts to share.

“I may be looking too deep into this scene, but does it look like Quad grabs Mariah by the wrist to talk to her without the cameras? I hope they can become friends again.”

“I hate that Quad & Mariah is going thru this smh.”

“I just can’t believe these lady’s was mad because quad won’t tell them her business so they can have a group discussion 🤦🏾‍♀️messing up a good pot of crabs to be nosey wow!”

“Mariah still shouldn’t have touched her if she knows they’re not best friends.”

“What in the bipolar. U hit her call her a b—- then try to console her this is me. This is the s— tall like to watch IN MILLIONS?”

“They are fighting like blood sisters and miss each other terribly. Quad needs her support right now more than ever and Mariah made an attempt but wrong way. They really need to keep everyone out of their business and forgive each other and move forward. Mariah husband also cheated so they need each other.”



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