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Viewers Speculate Over Why Mariah Huq Curiously Is Not Involved in ‘Married to Medicine: L.A.’ But Soon-to-Be-Divorced Quad Webb-Lunceford Is

Sunday was the early premiere of the new “Married to Medicine” spinoff, “Married to Medicine: L.A.” and it left viewers of the original with some questions.

On the episode, the docs from Atlanta flew to Los Angeles to introduce viewers to the cast of the upcoming series. But fans were left puzzled as to why Quad Webb-Lunceford was on the show since she’s divorcing her doctor spouse. Now it seems show creator Mariah Huq is addressing her own role in the in the decision.

Webb-Lunceford joined Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Heavenly Kimes as Metcalfe introduced them to her local doctor pal, Dr. Britten Cole. Along the way, viewers also met other L.A. docs. But noticeably, Huq, the executive producer of the original “Married to Medicine,” was not on the March 3 episode. However, Webb-Lunceford, who Huq famously pointed out at the reunion is “not married to medicine,” was.

“Where is Mariah and why is Quad here 🤔#Married2Med.”

“How did Quad manage to go to LA and Toya and Mariah couldn’t? 🤔 How was that decision made? #Married2Med.”

“@BravoTV be on some fakeness! Quad ain’t a doctor nor is she #Married2Med so why have her in the intro for the new show?!?!?!”

On Instagram as “Married to Medicine L.A.” aired, Huq disclosed that while she’s the creator of the franchise, she does not produce the new spinoff series.

“I hope you are watching #MarriedtoMed LA right now. Everyone keeps asking if I’m affiliated with this one. I created Married to Medicine, but I am not a producer on MTM-LA. I hear the ladies are smart, sassy & classy so I look forward to meeting them soon and wish them all a great season premiere! 🤩😍 #PushThru #MarriedtoMed #MarriedtoMedLA,” she wrote Sunday.

Despite Huq making it known she’s not involved in the new show outside of creating the franchise, questions about Miss Quad continued, especially since she’s going forward with her divorce from Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

“@iluvmariah why is Quad still on this show. I can’t watch if she continues to be part of this show. ”

“Y Quad still on show? She need to gooooo. She’s not a doc n y they took her hubby off?”

All this notwithstanding, it’s not the first time that Huq has not been involved in a spinoff of “M2M.” When “Married to Medicine: Houston” premiered in 2016, Huq was not one of the executive producers.

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