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Dr. Gregory Lunceford Finally Speaks Out on Why He’s Dragging His Feet on Signing Divorce Papers from Wife Quad Webb-Lunceford

After his estranged wife, Quad Webb-Lunceford went in on Dr. Gregory Lunceford for dragging his feet on signing his divorce papers, the “Married to Medicine” star is telling his side of the story.

During a stop at Atlanta’s V-103 Wednesday, Sept. 12, Dr. G directly addressed what the hold up is on the split, which began in May after Lunceford was caught stepping out on his wife.

“It’s difficult because she wants money and I don’t understand why she wants money because every dime she’s ever made from the show I let her keep,” Dr. G explains on “Frank and Wanda In The Morning” at the 6:28 mark. “I have no idea how much money she has, what she does with her money and this is why. When we got married I was still building my practice … and we had money for certain things. But we certainly didn’t have money for her to go popping out and buying a Gucci purse, Chanel this, Fendi that.”

Lunceford said he set up a priority system and allowed her to go get what she wanted during the marriage, which he said they were sexually inactive throughout. Still, he wasn’t going to use the money he made to save for their future to indulge her wants. Because of that, according to the doctor, Webb-Lunceford kept her income.

“It was never a team effort there but I’m kinda old fashioned and I think a man should take care of a woman, take care of his house and so that’s what I did,” he said before taking aim at his estranged wife for airing out her issues on public platforms outside of the Bravo reality series.

“It would be one thing if she was saying all these things about me on the show but she’s going outside of the show and saying things about me and I never had a platform to defend myself,” he said. “And so that’s why I decided to come here. To defend my honor and to say to the world that, listen, ‘I am a person who has always advocated their marriage, I didn’t give up’ and I just don’t feel we’re in the same place.”

Dr. G also admitted that he still loves his wife, but when he was asked if wanted to work things out with Webb-Lunceford he answered, “no.”

This is the first time Lunceford has spoken out about his marriage woes with his wife of five years. Just last week, Webb-Lunceford, who recently revealed to Atlanta Black Star that she’s no longer living at home with her husband, chastised Lunceford for not signing his divorce papers.

“Disrespectful as he wants to be and still very disrespectful,” she said on “Sister Circle.” “If you want to live single, you got to do the work to be single. … You’re living single with your trips and everything but if you want to be single, do the paperwork so you can be single. Mines is in. Let’s go.”

Frank Ski and Wanda Smith were in the studio with Dr.Gregory Lunceford today and shared his tea on his marriage with Quad from Married to Medicine . 👀😮👀

Posted by V-103 The People's Station on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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