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‘Sounds About White:’ ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Blast Shine for Trying to Use 9 MAG for ‘His Benefit’

One of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago‘s” newest additions to the show, Shine Davis, chucked up his deuces and departed the shop. Viewers on the other hand weren’t too sad to see him exit stage left.

9 MAG shop owner Ryan Henry first introduced fans to Davis during episode 3 as a new guest artist who would be working at the shop. The 24-year-old Californian came off slightly cocky to his new colleagues as he boasted about his tattoo portfolio. One episode later, he’d already burned a bridge with his colleague Van Johnson after seemingly trying to steal his “f–king” client. However, good karma swayed on Johnson’s side after Davis revealed that he’d only tattooed on one Black subject before.

Shine Davis

photo credit/VH1 screenshot/ (L) Shine Davis and (R) Ryan Henry

Since Davis’ arrival, he’s witnessed various drama-filled incidents at the shop among his colleagues Lily Barrios, Bella Tatted, Johnson and Evenita. To make matters worse, Henry’s tattoo coordinator Charmaine Walker forgot to submit legal documentation for the 9 MAG colleagues which prohibited Davis from participating at a local tattoo convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The icing on the cake that led to the 24-year-old turning in his pink slip was the “embarrassing” fight Bella and Evenita at the tattoo convention. He felt their physical altercation was a bad look for 9 MAG and his own brand, iShine Ink.

He told Henry, “I mean, I take tattooing dead a– serious. … but I just see a lot of drama of drama and at the end of the day it’s your brand. … I just don’t want that to be my pat.”

Davis then chucked up his deuces and departed from 9 MAG.

However, “Black Ink” viewers seemed to be ecstatic that Davis left and felt he was only trying to use the show for “clout.”

“BYE SHINE! one fan tweeted. “Just like a typical white person 🤦🏽‍ with the passive aggression using drama as an excuse but dude you were looking for a come up and have your own damn shop!”

“I’m glad he’s gone,” another viewer wrote. “He’s an opportunist and a WS. Didn’t trust him. I say #kickrocks.”

“BOY BYE! He just wanted his name out there which he did🤷🏾‍ . Plus he tried to steal Van’s client and cldnt even tattoo Black ppl he just wanted clout 🤬 . Sounds about white.”

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