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‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Want Evenita Gone After She Acts Out on Bella

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers surprisingly had Bella‘s back after the shop’s new apprentice Evenita picked a fight with her.

Bella, the tattoo shop’s new assistant and one of the show’s newest additions, hasn’t made the best impression on fans due to her belligerent, drunken behavior. However, fans seemed to side with Bella after her last explosive altercation with Van Johnson‘s apprentice.

In episode 4, Bella expressed her dislike for Evenita from the moment she walked into 9 MAG. She felt the apprentice wasn’t at the shop to actually learn how to tattoo, but to gain clout off of the brand’s name by “f–king” Johnson. Their feud escalated after they got into a brawl at the shop’s Halloween party. Bella got intoxicated, randomly lashed out at Evenita and threw a drink on her. Security eventually broke up the fight, but Bella was later taken to a hospital and received two stitches on her eyebrows.

BellaFast-forward to the Jan. 23 episode, where the two women got into another physical altercation during a tattoo convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their first dust-up occurred when Evenita physically pushed Bella out of a chair to sit next to Johnson. Not only did she get aggressive with Bella, she also lashed out at Johnson in front of client to ask him about his girlfriend.

To add more fuel to the fire, after Evenita was dismissed by Johnson for her “unprofessional” behavior she seemingly decided to pick a fight with Bella, who was munching on chicken wings at the time.

Evenita began telling Bella about her man problems with Johnson, calling him an a–hole, when Bella cuts her off. Bella confronted Evenita for physically removing her out of the chair from earlier.

“Don’t physically try to push somebody out a chair, that’s mad disrespectful,” Bella said. “Let me enjoy my food.”

Evenita got defensive and slapped Bella’s wings out of her hands. Bella threw one of her chicken wings at the apprentice, and the two engaged in a hair-pulling match before security escorted them out of the building.

Ryan Henry was “pissed” and seemingly threatened to fire both of the 9 MAG staffers.

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers rushed to Bella’s defense and blamed Evenita for losing her cool.

One fan tweeted, “I know I was mad at Bella last week BUT I was proud of her for walking away 😠. Evenita stupid af though she did all that chair moving.”

“Bella did nothing wrong. This other chick need to go 🙄.”

“First the b—h literally pushes bella out of the damn chair 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ just so she could sit by van and argue with him while he’s trying to work then she goes back over to where bella is now sitting and knocks her food outta her hand. She was looking to get into a fight fire her!”


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