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‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’: Twitter Slams Van and Jenn Wedding Farce After His Cheating Confession

The drama just keeps unfolding during season 5 of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago.”

Viewers were in for a surprise during Wednesday night after Van Johnson‘s love triangle finally came crashing down.

Johnson and his girlfriend Jennifer aka ‘Jenn’ have been on-and-off for 10 years. However, the couple were on at the time when the tattoo artist admitted to having sexual relations with his apprentice Evenita, who does microblading for a living.

Van Johnson

(From left) Van Johnson, Jenn and Evenita. (photos: VH1)

The craziness began after Jenn flew out to Las Vegas, Nevada, to where the rest of the 9MAG crew was, including her boyfriend Johnson. The co-stars were in the city for a tattoo convention, hoping to bring more awareness to their brand.

When Jenn arrived at the crew Airbnb, there was immediate tension between her and Evenita. Johnson revealed in his confessional that the previous night he got “extremely drunk” and cheated on his girlfriend with Evenita.

Johnson who tried to avoid conflict by any means, grabbed Jenn’s luggage and showed her to his room, but, little did he know, his apprentice followed. Evenita kept pestering Jenn and Johnson and wouldn’t let them enjoy their alone time. The 25-year-old finally realized something wasn’t right with the “goofy b–ch” and confronted her boyfriend about the matter.

The tattoo artist fessed up and admitted to Jenn that he’d slept with Evenita. He tried apologizing to her, but Jenn told Johnson that “she didn’t have time for no more lies or no more games.”

The 25-year-old told her man to “prove” his love to her with a wedding. She told Johnson that she “wanted to get married.” The tattoo artist who appeared to be stuck between a rock and hard place, reluctantly agreeing to have a shotgun wedding.

When Evenita learned from her colleagues that Johnson and Jenn were moments away from getting hitched, she stormed out of the house, seemingly cursing out the show’s producers. In the meantime, Jenn was on bride-to-be duties while Johnson was out getting drunk with Ryan Henry and Phor Brumfield.

The Chicago artist showed up to the altar, slurring his words and stumbling to walk. Minutes before it was time to say “I do,” Johnson drunkenly confessed to Jenn that he didn’t want to marry her in that fashion. The 25-year-old told her boyfriend that she wasn’t surprised he got cold feet and decided to pull out of the wedding.

On the other hand, “Black Ink” viewers had a field day on Twitter and roasted Johnson, Jenn and Evenita for acting a “fool.”

“Jen, the only person Van committing to is Ryan. He fought harder for Ryan than you girl!! Run, bi–h, run 🤡🤡.”

“All three of them are fools! Velvetta mad cause Van getting married to his girlfriend of 9 years. Van’s a cheater 😒😒 and Jenn’s just dumb.”

“What in the ghetto is going on in this episode 👀🤔. You just find out your man cheated on you & you say let’s get married chileeeeeeee 😂😂.”

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