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Tamar Braxton May Have More Babies with Estranged Husband Vince Herbert

Tamar Braxton has made it clear she’d love to add to her family, but the single mom has just one issue: her estranged husband Vince Herbert is already the father to some embryos she’s previously frozen.

The singer dished on her desire to expand her brood on a Jan. 15 episode of BET’s “Raq Rants” and revealed that although she’s been trying to get pregnant naturally — presumably with her mystery Nigerian boyfriend — the embryos “just won’t stick.”

Braxton explained to host Raquel Harper that “before I had Logan I had fertility issues and I didn’t know it.”

As such, her 5-year-old son, Logan, whom she shares with the music executive she filed to divorce in 2017, is referred to by Braxton as her “miracle baby.”

And there are other siblings ready and raring to go.

“I have three kids in the freezer still. Two boys and a girl,” Braxton says. The singer’s eggs have been fertilized with Herbert’s sperm, presumably during their marriage. She said she went through IVF treatment while married to Herbert but she didn’t have to use the embryos because she got pregnant naturally.

“Logan is my miracle baby,” Braxton said.

However, Braxton made it clear on “The Wendy Williams Show” in September that she would love to have more children, and she seemed to want to have them with “Yemi,” her mystery Harvard graduate bae.

“I absolutely would love to have some wonderful, beautiful African children,” Braxton said.

But based on her conversation on ‘Raq Rants,” she may not be able to have kids with her new boo. Yet that doesn’t mean Braxton is concerned about what her estranged spouse thinks of her new man.

“He ain’t my daddy!” Braxton says, effectively dismissing the matter.

Harper then asked what Braxton’s feelings would be if Herbert were dating a video vixen, and the singer didn’t hold back.

“You gon’ want the video vixen around my kid, now I got to bust you in your face,” she says. “So, don’t play with me like that.”

And regardless of her marriage to Herbert ending, Braxton has been determined to keep things respectful between them as they co-parent their youngster.

“I think you still have to be respectful, you know what I mean?” she said. “Especially to keep the communication and friendship going. I’m not gon’ ever disrespect him, ever!”

The star also won’t stand for others disrespecting Herbert, either.

She made that known in November when a fan fat-shamed Hebert and boosted up Braxton’s current boo, who is physically fit.

“When you go from fAT to FIT… the experience is sooo different and electrifying,” the Instagram user commented under a video of Braxton’s man.

“@curvythickness don’t do that boo! We just didn’t work out. Don’t shame that man like that please💪🏽😘😘,” the singer replied.

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