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Tami Roman Offers a Simple Answer On Why She’s Not Fighting Anyone

Tami Roman had a contentious relationship with Jennifer Williams on “Basketball Wives” this season and fans wondered why she didn’t resort to her old ways and beat the bricks off her foe.

Roman addresses why in an Instagram Q&A she hosted Wednesday, Oct. 24.

“Why you haven’t beat Jens ass,” a fan asked Roman.

“I don’t want to fight her, I’m focused on me,” the reality star responded.

Tami roman


Roman has had many a fight on BBW including scuffles with former cast members Meeka Claxton, Kesha Nichols and DJ Duffey.

But this season, things were different.

Roman and Williams butted heads all throughout the latest set of episodes over who was responsible for bringing the rumor that Evelyn Lozada slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex to light. Things came to a head when Roman and Williams confronted each other once more with Williams promising she had proof that Roman was to blame via a text conversation, but she came up with nothing.

“I’m only gon’ be one more b—- to you,” Roman told Wiliams when her co-star called her a derogatory name.

“I got this pepper spray right in my bag, ” Williams said to no one in particular, making sure it was within earshot of Roman.

“Jennifer, girl, you come f— with me, then we just gon’ handle up on it,” Roman said in a confessional indicating she wasn’t above throwing hands. “But you ain’t really up for the challenge. Who brings pepper spray?”

Many fans wound up clowning Williams for having the agent on hand. Even still, the women didn’t come to blows.

But since then, Roman fell back from the drama, even refusing to go to a group trip to Amsterdam that Williams was explicitly not invited to yet joined anyway.

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