Fans Clown Jennifer Williams for Threatening Tami Roman with Pepper Spray

During the conclusion of Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman’s battle over receipts, things got tense on “Basketball Wives” as Williams threatened to hit Roman with some pepper spray.

“I’m only gon’ be one more b— to you,” Roman says to Wiliams at the 1:17 mark after she called her out her name.

“I got this pepper spray right in my bag, ” Williams warned as her pal Kristen Scott told her not to do it.

It all went down at an event for Jackie Christie’s PSA warning about police brutality.

“Jennifer, girl, you come f–k with me, then we just gon’ handle up on it,” Roman says in a confessional scene. “But you ain’t really up for the challenge. Who brings pepper spray?”

That was the same question of many fans watching along at home Sunday night. They speculated it was because Williams doesn’t know how to hold her own in a fight.

“Who brings pepper spray? A chick who cant fight around somebody with loose hands #BasketballWives.”

“How You Gonna Talk S— .. Then Wanna Pull Out Pepper Spray #BasketballWives”

“Jen made sure she had pepper spray but coincidentally forgot the receipts she was carrying on about. Ok girl lmaoo #BBWLA #BasketballWives.”

“Jennifer brought pepper spray cause she has NO CLUE how to throw some hands…#BasketballWives.”

“#BasketballWives I never pulled out a pepper spray while arguing with a female I save it for when I’m walking at night for them weird creepy men…..Jen is [a] joke and so is Kristen and Evelyn.”

The pepper spray drama is the pinnacle of Roman and Williams’ battle over who is to blame for spreading the rumor that Evelyn Lozada slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex. That played out during last week’s episode when Williams promised she had receipts proving Roman was to blame but failed to grab them from her old phone. Instead, Roman shared her proof from a group text thread, pinning it on Williams.

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