Wendy Williams Says Kanye West Is ‘Losing It’ and His Wife Kim Kardashian Is ‘Trying to Distract’ by Sharing Racy Photo

Wendy Williams thinks Kim Kardashian is simply uploading her newest scandalous photo to serve as a distraction from husband Kanye West’s latest antics.

The talk show host discussed the matter on her daytime show Monday, Oct. 8. During her “Hot Topics” segment, Williams shared with viewers that West had shuttered all of his social media over the weekend, following last week’s highly reported “Saturday Night Live” appearance and West’s latest round of public support for Donald Trump.

Williams said she didn’t believe it was all West’s idea to close his social media accounts — she thought the Kardashian family each gave the rapper their feelings on the matter with momager Kris Jenner at the helm. Then, she turned her attention to the racy bikini shots Kim K posted over the weekend.

“People were going off, calling her pathetic, desperate and sad,” Williams explains of the fan reaction to the Friday, Oct. 5 photo at the 5:50 mark. “I agree, agree and agree. Yeah … I do. This picture is so unnecessary at a time where her husband’s losing his marbles. There’s two schools of thought I guess. While he’s losing it, she’s trying to distract with pictures like this and family orchestrated pictures and things. But we can’t forget about Kanye, because he’s everywhere and not in a good way.”

This is not the first theory Williams has espoused about West and Kardashian. On “The Wendy Williams Show” last week, the talk show host discussed West’s widely-panned SNL appearance. She said West’s ardent support for Trump may be because of his meeting with the president in 2016.

“There could be a theory you know when he met with Trump at Trump Tower in the very beginning of Trump being Trump, they could have had an agreement,” Williams said. “‘Kanye, I need you to lead the charge for Black love, for me [Trump]’ and ‘In return, Mr. Trump, I need you help me clean up my wife’s image a little more.’”

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