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Azealia Banks Rips Singer Lana Del Rey for Criticizing Kanye West Over Donald Trump Support

Kanye West has been getting slammed on social media after he spoke highly of Donald Trump on “SNL” over the weekend. And one of the people who blasted him was pop singer Lana Del Rey, who then got a heated response from Azealia Banks.

“Trump becoming our president was a loss for the country but your support of him is a loss for the culture,” wrote Del Rey, who sung at Kanye and Kim Kardashian‘s wedding.

“I can only assume you relate to his personality on some level,” she added. “Delusions of grandeur, extreme issues with narcissism. If you think it’s alright to support someone who believes it’s okay to grab a woman by the p—y just because he’s famous, then you need an intervention as much as he does.”

Azealia Banks Blasts Lana Del Rey for Criticizing Kanye West


That’s when Banks chimed in and said Del Rey is using West to make herself look like she’s in the political know. She also said the singer is involved in witchcraft.

“Don’t use Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware when there is so much more bootleg witchcraft you could be doing to try and take down 45,” wrote Banks. “Kanye is not your enemy or the enemy.”

From there, Banks brought up fellow Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky, who she accused of assaulting women. Rocky collaborated with Del Rey on more than one occasion and played her husband in the video for “National Anthem.”

“Your selective outrage makes you the enemy,” wrote Banks. “You approve of A$AP Rocky because his victims weren’t white. You’re exactly the kind of thought police Kanye is fighting against … Now I dare you to challenge me on any of my opinions. You aren’t built for battle. I suggest you apologize to Kanye West immediately.”

Then Banks widened her scope and took shots at famous white women in general.

“I’m tired of white women in Hollywood and their fake ass innocent agendas,” wrote the rapper. “These bitches will take any opportunity to make themselves seem more righteous in regards to Black men who don’t bow down to their vapid social power or more civilized and respectable than the Black women that have a real reason to be angry.”

Banks and Kanye have yet to collaborate, but it’s something the Harlem rapper clearly wants based on a separate message she sent. Banks also accused Kanye of stealing her idea of re-designing the MAGA hat.

Last week the “Life of Pablo” creator said that he made changes to the hat and brought “positive energy” to it. For her part, Banks created a version of the hat years ago but used the phrase “Make Azealia Great Again” instead.

“Kanye, I have already done it,” she wrote about the MAGA hat. “Stop lifting my ideas and come collaborate with me already. This is annoying now. The ideas I come up with aren’t half of what we could do with your resources. Let me give you original ideas please.”

Kanye hasn’t responded to Banks at this time.

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