Kanye West Just Met with Donald Trump to Discuss ‘Life’, Twitter Not Amused, but Sunny Hostin is Optimistic

President-elect Donald Trump and Kanye West met at Trump Tower on Tuesday, Dec. 13, prompting critics to wonder why he has time to meet with the rapper when there are so many other, more important issues he should be addressing.

In one of his first appearances since being released Nov. 30 from the hospital for mental exhaustion and emotional distress, West went to Trump Tower in New York to discuss life with Trump, the president-elect told reporters who’d gathered outside. West stared somewhat blankly ahead and didn’t respond to any questions he was asked, though he did eventually tell one reporter that he’d “just wanted to take a picture right now” with The Donald.

Twitter reacted pretty much as one would expect.



“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin tried to see a sliver lining in the West and Trump’s impromptu meeting.

“We know that Trump has had terrible outreach to the African-American community,” she says in the clip below. “And we know … whether you love him or hate him, it could be a symbolic gesture.”


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