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Video: Katt Williams Says He’s Going to ‘Beat the Breaks’ Off Wanda Smith’s Husband Moments Before Running Into Store

Days after Katt Williams indicated to TMZ that there was no gun involved in his confrontation with an Atlanta radio host’s husband, video of the incident has been released.

The footage, obtained by TMZ, shows a visibly irritated Williams in the apparent parking lot of the Atlanta Comedy Theater, Saturday, Sept. 15 as he circles V-103 DJ Wanda Smith’s husband LaMorris Sellers.

Smith and Sellers alleged Williams walked up to Smith at the comedy venue where she was hosting and said, “I told you f—king with me with me would make you go viral.”

That part isn’t on video but what is shown is Williams pacing back and forth asking the video filmer if he caught that “somebody threatened me” and said he’s “finna see a young Marine beat the breaks off an old Marine.”

Off camera, shouting is heard before the guy behind the camera sees Williams in front of the grocery store entrance and a gun in Sellers’ hand. Williams then bolts into the Food Depot where police arrive on the scene.

The police report stated Sellers pointed a gun at Williams, but Sellers denied he ever did, only saying he had a gun in his waistband. Williams had also cryptically told TMZ Monday, “I assure you, if there was a gun, there would have been charges and police and jail and all type of things. So there could be no gun, right?”

Sellers and Williams got into it after the comedian went on his wife’s morning show Friday and roasted her on-air. He made fun of her hairstyle, cooking and her health, but Sellers told The Atlanta-Journal Constitution he didn’t confront Williams because of the joaning.

“It had nothing to do with what was on the air,” he said. “That’s what comedians do. When he came to the club, he targeted my wife. As a man, I’m not built like that. I couldn’t possibly let that happen. I have to protect my wife. I wasn’t looking for conflict. I just wanted him to keep it moving. He chose to do different.”

Fans who caught the leaked video clowned Williams.

“How does Katt Williams think he’s going to take on two grown-ass men like does anybody remember he got beat up by an 8-year-old at a soccer game?”

“Katt still hiding in the store to this day! 👀”

“Katt ran to the veggie aisle to hide under the broccoli.”

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